Euclid Beach Park Postcard – Carrousel Collectible


Original postcard pictures the Euclid Beach Park Carrousel.

Collectible, made from linen.

Circa 1930


In the 1930’s,  Euclid Beach Park made alterations to the facades of the three main roller coasters (Racing Coaster, Thriller, Flying Turns),  Over the Falls boat ride, and to the band stand in the dance pavilion, incorporating an “Art Deco” design style. The carousel was also altered to reflect this style that flourished in the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s. The Carousel took on a more modern sleek look.  Much of the ornate decorative wood carving on the upper rounding boards was removed as well as the cherubs, swags, and beveled mirrors which originally adorned each panel.  They were replaced with a crisp clear linear design element backlit by illuminated shields at each of the rounding board segment joints.  The decorative components and the horses were painted mostly white with just the trappings and saddles receiving color. 


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