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Founded in Cleveland in 1974, National History Day is a project-based learning experience for students in grades 6-12 that builds college and career skills for the 21st century by making the historical past relevant to the present and the future.  To participate, students choose topics in relation to the yearly theme, conduct research, and present their findings as a paper, exhibit, documentary, website, or performance.  In the process, students learn critical thinking skills through finding and evaluating primary and secondary sources, and they hone their creativity in building arguments and presenting their findings in one of the five formats. History Day projects, which may be done in the classroom, after school, or independently, empower students to become true scholars.  Student projects are evaluated by volunteer judges, and the top projects advance to represent Region 3 (Cuyahoga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, and Summit counties) in a state-wide competition. Winners at state go on to compete at the national competition, where the top prize remains a 4-year scholarship to Case Western Reserve University.

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National History Day 2021 Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Region 3 students who competed at the National History Day contest, held virtually in May and June of 2021!  Special congratulations to the Region 3 students listed below, who were finalists in their categories.

2nd place, Junior Paper Uncle Tom’s Cabin: The Key to Understanding the Inhumanity of Slavery through the Power of the Story

Student: Omar Elbadawy

School: Birchwood School of Hawken

Teacher: Joe Parrino

7th place, Senior Group Performance – Tinker v. Des Moines: The Student Led Fight For Free Speech

Students: Brendan Zbanek, Mary Basilion, and Zara Braun

School: Shaker Heights High School

Teacher: Joseph Konopinski and Sarah Davis

9th place, Junior Individual ExhibitCommunicating Through the Centuries: Tu Youyou, TCM, and the Quest to Cure Malaria

Student: Jennifer Song

School: Birchwood School of Hawken

Teacher: Connie Miller

2021 National Contest Results

 Region 3 Ohio History Day 2021 Contest Winners


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Contest Materials

UPDATED National History Day Contest Rule Book

Summary of Significant Rules Changes

UPDATED National History Day Evaluation Forms

2021 Theme

2021 Theme Narrative

2021 Ohio Theme Sheet

2021 Ohio Topic List

History Day Resources

For Teachers | Rule Book | Middle School Guide | High School Guide

For Students | Topic Ideas | Choose a Project Category | National History Day Student Resources  |Local Ties to National Topics

For Judges | What to Expect When Judging | Categories | Rule Book | Sample Evaluation Forms

For more great resources, visit the Ohio History Day website!

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For general History Day inquiries, please contact:

Mary Manning, Region 3 History Day Coordinator  
Cleveland History Center
10825 East Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Email: historyday@wrhs.org
Phone: (216) 721-5722 ext. 1503
Fax: (216) 721-0891


National History Day is a meaningful way for students to study historical issues, ideas, people and events by engaging in historical research. When studying history through historical research, students and teachers practice critical inquiry: asking questions of significance, time and place. Through careful questioning history students are immersed in a detective story too engaging to stop reading.

– Excerpt From National History Day 2011