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September 30th, 2024


Cleveland History Center


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Choirs singing. Monks chanting. The reading of religious texts. These are religious sounds. But so too are the creaking of church pews and the clanking of pots during the preparation of a communal meal.


Sounds of Religion is a poster exhibition that explores how rituals and gatherings of religious communities create a complex soundtrack of religions in the United States that teaches us how people behave, how they’re different, and how they’re alike. Through QR codes, viewers are invited to listen to eight contemporary recordings that serve as an audio portrait of the rich and dynamic differences that make religious life in the U.S. unique.

Sounds of Relig­ion is organized by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling­ Exhibition Service in cooperation with the American Religious Sounds Project of The Ohio State University and Michi­gan State University and made possible throug­h the ­generous support of The Henry Luce Foundation.


Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Timiket celebration in Columbus, Ohio.   Photo by Lauren PondBlowing a shofar during an outdoor Rosh Hashanah ceremony in Bexley, Ohio. 

Photo by Lauren Pond
Drum circle and healing gathering at Ash Cave in Logan, Ohio. 

Photo by Lauren Pond
The Phat Bao (Vietnamese Mahayana) Buddhist temple in Philadelphia, PA. 

Courtesy Jivaka Project

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