Life in the Early 1900s


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As historians, we know we are in tough times, but we also know that we do emerge from crisis, and what we learn from history can help save lives. While the news remains sobering, hope can be found in history.

WWI in Cleveland

Explore WWI and its impact on Cleveland in this video by our Curator of Collections & Exhibits, Eric Rivet.

Lessons From the 1918 Flu Pandemic

Listen to this 2018 Ideastream interview with WRHS’s Senior Vice President of Research & Publications, John Grabowski, and hear how the 1918 Flu Pandemic impacted Cleveland a century ago.

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Notable Ohioans: George Washington Crile

Learn more about the famous surgeon and co-founder of the Cleveland Clinic.

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International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union

A brief article on the female activists that helped bring unionism to the Cleveland garment industry.

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The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic

Learn about the pandemic that gripped the world over a century ago.

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Surgeon General's Tips for Avoiding the Flu

Originally published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Sept. 22, 1918.

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The 1920 World Series

How Cleveland kicked off the Roaring 20s with a big win at the 1920 World Series.

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Western Reserve Historical Society is the oldest cultural institution in Northeast Ohio, the region's largest American history research center, and one of the leading genealogical research centers in the nation.

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