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1900 Benz Duc Victoria

This particular Benz Duc was created in 1900 and has the initials of the original owner inscribed on the dash. The owner was Fritz Held who was Germany’s first automobile race driver and Benz sales representative in Mannheim

1900 benz duc

1901 Tri-Moto Crescent 

Two seat, three wheeler. Tubular steel frame. White rubber tires with black wire spoked wheels.

1901 tri moto crescent

1902 American Gas Roundabout 

A small gasoline-powered buggy that was developed by chief engineer George W. Dunham.

1902 american gas roundabout

1902 Pierce Motorette Knock

Pierce introduced the Motorette, a small car with a single-cylinder de Dion gasoline engine in late 1901, and embarked on demonstrating them to its Pierce bicycle agents throughout the country.

1902 pierce 1

1903 Hoffman General Utility Rear Entrance Tonneau  

The 1903 Hoffman General Utility is a four-seater runabout with a detachable tonneau. The company claimed that the rear tonneau was able to be removed in fifteen seconds to make a runabout.

1903 hoffman general utility rear entrance tonneau

1903 AutoCar Type VIII Rear Entrance Tonneau

Open-top touring with green body with black painted trim and gold pin stripes. White rubber tires with green spoked wheels. Two brass headlights (gas lamps) and front padded leather bench seat.

1903 autocar 1

1904 Baker Newport 

The Baker Newport was generally geared towards women.

1904 baker 1

1904 White Rear Entrance Tonneau

At the 1904 Cleveland Automobile Show, White gave out carnations and hat pins of the model D car to all female visitors.

1904 white 1

1905 Franklin (5 Passenger)

Open-top Tonneau with a dark green body with brass trim and gold pinstripes. Dark green fenders with gold pin stripes. Black rubber tires with “No Skid” tread and dark green wooden spoked wheels.

1905 franklin 1

1905 Stanley Steamer Gentleman’s Speed Roaster 

The Model E was the last Stanley to have tiller steering.

1905 stanley steamer 2

1906 Baker Imperial

Two seat open top electric with a black wooden body and blue frame with gold pin stripes. Whitewall tires with blue wooden spoke wheels and chrome hub caps. Two electric headlights with blue housing, located on each side of the body. WRHS also has additional models of the Baker in the following years: 1901, 1904, 1913.

1906 baker imperial

1907 Ford Model K Touring

It is believed that the first public showing of the Model K was at the 1906 American Motor Car Manufacturer’s Association (AMCMA) Show held at the 69th regiment Armory, Lexington Avenue and 25th Street, New York in mid-January of 1906.

Model k1200

1907 Studebaker Garford Landaulet 

The company supplied bodies to Garford Manufacturing in Elyria, Ohio; which built the chassis. Hence the name, Studebaker-Garford. By 1911, Studebaker was marketing automobiles under its own name.

1907 studebaker garford 2

1907 Winton Convertible Touring Car

This vehicle was named the “horseless carriage”. Blue body with black and light blue trim with a black canvas removable top. Black rubber tires with blue spoked wheels. Leather hold down strap for the top extends to the front of the chassis.

1907 winton convertible touring car

1908 Elmore Touring 

The company’s biggest production year was 1907, when the company built 400 cars. The 1908 Elmore featured a three-cylinder motor that developed 24 horsepower.

1908 elmore touring

1909 Ford Model T Touring

The Model T was introduced in October of 1908. Two-door touring car with a red body and frame with black trim. Black “leather” top. White rubber tires with red wood spoked wheels.

1909 ford model t

1909 Hupmobile 

Two-seat roadster with a red body and chassis with gold pin stripping. Black metal fenders. Black rubber tires with red wooden spoked wheels.

1909 hupmobile 1

1909 Sears Motor Buggy  

Sears gave the offer to order a vehicle by a catalog. The Sears Motor Buggy was available for purchase by mail order and ranged in price from $325 to $475 depending on which model was selected.

1909 sears motor buggy

1910 Stearns Touring

Five Passenger Touring with a green body and black with brass trim. Tan canvas top. Black “NO SKID” tires with red wooden spoked wheels. Crank starter.

1910 stearns touring

1911 Hupmobile Touring 

In 1911, Robert Hupp sold his stock in the Hupp Motor Car Company and began pursuing another automobile production venture. A court order by the purchasers of the stock prevented Robert and Louis from using the Hupp name on any new gasoline automobile.

1911 hupmobile touring

1912 Pierce Arrow Run

Two door runabout with a single passenger rubble seat. Dark green body with chrome trim with a dark green chassis and black retractable canvas top. Black rubber tires with light green wood spoked wheels and chrome hub caps.

1912 pierce arrow

1912 Sandusky Delivery Truck

Unlike other trucks, Sandusky offered a unique feature; the radiator, engine, and transmission were assembled as one unit that could be easy slid out, in any location, without disturbing the trucks load.

1901 sandusky

1913 Alco

Four door Limousine with black, white, and blue body. Whitewall tires with blue wooden spoked wheels and brass hub caps. Black hood with brass hinges and handles.

1913 alco

1913 Baker WB Roadster

 Green body with gold pin stripes and black trim. Black fenders with gold trim and a black leather top. Black rubber tires with green wooden spoked wheels.

1913 baker

1913 Simplex Double Roadster 

The Simplex name was associated with several owners in it’s short 12 year run, but in that time Simplex vehicles came to represent the best combination of power and fashionable design that the U.S. had seen.

1913 simplex

1915 Cadillac Type 51 (7 Passenger) Touring Car

Four-door Touring Sedan with a green body. Black “NO SKID” rubber tires with green wood spoked wheels. Cadillac introduced their Model 51 in September of 1914 for the 1915 season.

1915 cadillac type

1915 Ford Model T Couplet 

Two-door convertible with a black body with brass trim, black fenders and black convertible top with electric headlights. White rubber tires with black spoked wheels. Side gas lanterns with a rear lamp and rear trunk area.

1915 ford model t 1

1914 Woods Mobilette Roadster  

This creation was a cross between motorcycle and car. Two-seat cyclecar roadster and maroon metal body. Black metal fenders and running boards with black retractable canvas top. Black rubber “NO SKID” tires with cream colored spoked wheels.

1916 woods mobilette

1916 Chandler Touring 

The durability of the Chandler automobile was proven in 1915 when one of their automobiles was driven from Tijuana, Mexico to Vancouver, Canada, a distance of 1889 miles, without a stop for repairs

1916 chandler touring

1916 Owen Magnetic Touring (7 Passenger) 

The Owen Magnetic was marketed as ‘The Car with a Thousand Speeds.’ A four-door touring car and yellowish-tan body with brown chassis and fenders and tan canvas top. Whitewall tires with wire spoked wheels. Water level indicator on the radiator cap. Driver’s side front fender rear view mirror

1916 owen magnetic

1916 Electric Two-Door Coupe Automobile Baker Rauch & Lang

Dark red and black finished metal and wood Model C50408, dull red body w/typical telephone booth styling on a black frame w/fenders and running boards; pair half spherical headlamps, pair lantern-like side lamps w/marquise-shaped beveled glass panels; left-hand drive, four seats with original grey ribbed wool upholstery 9w/wool and metallic trim)

1916 rauch and lang

1917 White GM 16 Valve Town Car 

The owner of this car was Walter White himself. Yellow body with black upper portion of passenger area, Black trim and red pin stripping. Whitewall tires with yellow wooden spoked wheels.

1917 white gm 16 valve town car

1920 Cleveland Roadster

The Chandler automobiles were medium-priced automobiles that were known for their durability and stylish designs. By 1919 the company wanted to venture into the lower-priced segment of the car market but they did not want to jeopardize their name, so they founded the Cleveland Automobile Company.

1920 cleveland

1920 Jordan Playboy Race Steer 

Jordan ads portrayed the Playboy as an automobile “built in limited numbers for robust Americans who refuse to grow.”

1920 jordan 1

1920 Mercer Series 5 Race

This 1920 Mercer Series 5 Sporting was one of six different body styles available that year. It was designed to be the four passenger companion car to the popular race about model.

1920 mercer 1

1920 White Model 15 Dan Dee Pretzel Truck 

The company continued to produce trucks becoming one of the largest producers in America. Their trucks were used by the Dan-Dee Potato Chip Company.

1920 white model 15 dan dee pretzel truck 1

1921 Lincoln Touring

Four-door touring car with a yellow body, black fenders and leather top. Black rubber tires with black wood spoked wheels and aluminum hub caps. Side air vents forward of the front doors

1921 lincoln 1

1922 Templar A-445 Roadster

Single-door, two-passenger convertible roadster with a tan body with black fenders and tan canvas top with leather trim and a glass rear window. White rubber tires with black wire spoked wheels. Recessed spare tire in the rear of the car.

1922 templar 2

1924 Ford Model T Coupe

Two-door hardtop with a black body, fenders, running boards and leather covered roof. Two headlights, side vented hood, adjustable windshield with leather exterior visor. Black rubber tires with black spoked wheels.

1924 ford model t 1

1924 Rollin Touring Sedan 

Black four-door sedan. Chrome front and back bumpers with red wheels with black tires. Side opening hood with vertical vents on both sides.

1924 rollin 1

1924 Standard Auto Red Bug Electric

The first Auto Red Bugs were known as the Smith Flyer (1917-1920) and were made by A.O Smith Co. Black rubber tires with red spoked wheels and chrome hub caps. Two wooden bucket-type seats with red metal edging and padded brown seats. Red metal battery box behind the seats with a textured aluminum plate on the top.

1924 standard auto red bug electric

1925 Rollin Touring

Four door convertible. Black body with green fenders. Tan canvass removable top with a rigged frame and clear glass rear window.

1925 rollin 1

1925 White Yellowstone Park Bus

1925 White buses were also used at Yosemite National Park and in the Grand Canyon. White Yellowstone National Park bus with retractable top with a yellow body and black trim, black rubber tires with yellow wooden spoked rims. Black engine crank with black wooden handle.

1925 white yellowstone bus 2

1926 Chandler 33A Comrade Roadster

Two-door with a rumble seat. Tan and blue body with red pin stripes extending the length of the body. Black rubber covered running boards with aluminum trim.

1926 chandler 2

1928 Franklin Airman Sedan

1928 franklin 2

1929 Jordan Speed Boy G 

Four-door convertible with a two-tone green and light green body, light green fenders, black canvas removable top and whitewall tires with light green wire spoked wheels. Front and rear chrome bumpers. Chrome trim around radiator.

1929 Minerva AM Custom Limousine   

This 1929 Minerva Type AM 7-passenger sedan sits on a massive 180 inch wheelbase and is one of the longest and largest automobiles in the world.

1930 Packard Deluxe Dual Cowl Phaeton

This 1930 Packard 745 Convertible Sedan is believed to be one of only two ever built.

1931 Pierce Arrow Convertible

Two-door convertible. Tan and brown body with red pin stripping and a tan canvas top. Whitewall tires.

1932 Cadillac 355 B Sport Phaeton   

1900 Benz Duc Victoria 1901 Tri-Moto Crescent 1902 American Gas  Roundabout 1902 Pierce Motorette Knock 1903 Hoffman General Utility Rear Entrance Tonneau 1903 AutoCar Type VIII Rear Entrance Tonneau 1904 Baker Newport 1904 White Rear Entrance Tonneau  1905 Franklin (5 Passenger)  1905 Stanley Steamer Gentleman’s Speed Roaster 1906 Baker Imperial 1907 Ford Model K Touring 1907 Studebaker Garford Landaulet 1907 Winton Convertible Touring Car 1908 Elmore Touring 1909 Ford Model T Touring 1909 Hupmobile 1909 Sears Motor Buggy 1910 Stearns Touring 1911 Hupmobile Touring 1912 Pierce Arrow Run 1913 Alco 1913 Baker WB Roadster 1913 Simplex Double Roadster 1915 Cadillac Type 51 (7 Passenger) Touring Car 1915 Ford Model T Couplet 1914 Woods Mobilette Roadster 1916 Chandler Touring 1916 Owen Magnetic Touring (7 Passenger) 1916 Electric Two-Door Coupe Automobile Baker Rauch & Lang 1917 White GM 16 Valve Town Car 1920 Cleveland Roadster 1920 Jordan Playboy Race Steer 1920 Mercer Series 5 Race 1920 White Model 15 Dan Dee Pretzel Truck 1921 Lincoln Touring 1922 Templar A-445 Roadster 1924 Ford Model T Coupe 1924 Rollin Touring Sedan 1924 Standard Auto Red Bug Electric 1925 Rollin Touring 1925 White Yellowstone Park Bus 1926 Chandler 33A Comrade Roadster 1928 Franklin Airman Sedan 1929 Jordan Speed Boy G 1929 Minerva AM Custom Limousine 1930 Packard Deluxe Dual Cowl Phaeton 1931 Pierce Arrow Convertible 1932 Cadillac 355 B Sport Phaeton 1935 Auburn 8-851 Cabriolet 1935 Chrysler Airflow Imperial Series C-2 1936 Ford Tudor Deluxe Sedan Stainless Steel 1937 Supercharged Cord A12 Phaeton Sedan 1938 Harrods Electric Delivery Van 1941 Cadillac 60 Special Sedan 1942 Willys Jeep 14 Tons General Purpose 1942 White M2 Scout Car Half Truck 1949 Chevrolet 3100 GP Pickup Truck 1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SL 1956 Lotus 11 LeMans Sports Racer 1959 Chevrolet Impala 1960 Ford Thunderbird Stainless Steel 1962 Cadillac ElDorado Barritz Convertible 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Convertible 1966 Lincoln Continental convertable 1967 Ferrari 365 California Spyder 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 1972 Dodge Mitsubishi Colt Pro Street Rod 1981 DeLorean DMC- 12 1982 Buick PPG (Skyhawk) Turbo PPG Prototype 1982 March 82C Indy Cosworth Car 1993 Ford Ecostar Electric Van Cutaway

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