Farm Program Assistant, Hale Farm & Village


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About this position

This position is responsible to the Farm and Horticulture Coordinator of Hale Farm & Village (HFV) for the care and maintenance of livestock, gardens, fields, farm implements and equipment. This position also participates in program demonstrations related to animals and horticulture for the public, special events, and school groups on field trips.

CLASSIFICATION: This position is classified as part-time and is non-exempt with regard to overtime compensation.

COORDINATION: Works closely with grounds and maintenance team year-round, school groups and field trips in fall and spring semesters, and Western Reserve Historical Society (WRHS) staff and volunteers involved in the interpretation of daily life at the museum during public season (June-October).

COMPENSATION: $13 per hour.

SCHEDULE: 20 to 24 hours per week. Must be able to work at least 1 weekend day per week.

1. Care for the health, safety, and cleanliness of all HFV livestock, including oxen, sheep, chickens, and more. This includes completing morning and evening chores, maneuvering animals around the site and guests, and attending to the health of livestock. Training and supervision are continually provided until all parties feel safe working with the animals alone. Instruction is supplemented with video and written guides.
2. All FPAs will have the opportunity to learn to drive the oxen and utilize draft animal power to accomplish farm tasks.
3. Provide the visiting public with informative, accurate, and engaging information about Hale Farm and Village, 19th century farming and gardening techniques. On occasion, there are opportunities to wear period appropriate clothing for special events and programs.
4. In coordination with the Manager of Grounds and Maintenance, assists in maintaining fences, gates, barns, and other small-scale construction and repair tasks.
5. Maintain the physical cleanliness of the program tools, equipment, barns, animals, and sites.
6. Assists in the designing, planting, and maintenance of gardens and fields.

NOTE: This job description covers key responsibilities but does not capture all job duties. We work as a team and there are times we need all hands on deck. FPAs may be asked to take on other duties as assigned. HFV hosts many events throughout the year, which may require participation from FPAs.

This position will accept candidates from a variety of backgrounds, levels of experience, previous training, degree programs, etc. If you are interested in this position and meet at least one of the following requirements you are encouraged to apply.

1. Must have a desire to work outdoors with animals, plants, and people. Care for the natural world, environment, and sustainability is key.
2. Must either have experience with large farm animals or an appreciation of their size and care, and willingness to be trained.
3. Must either have experience with small- or large-scale crop production, gardening, and natural resource management, or willingness to be trained.
4. Ability to provide clear instructions to staff and volunteers.
5. Ability to communicate agricultural, horticultural, and scientific concepts to a wide audience and variety of ages.
6. Must have attention to detail and organizational skills.
7. Work efficiently both independently and as a team.
8. This position is physical in nature. FPA’s can expect to frequently lift heavy loads (40lbs+), stand for extended periods of time, move large objects, and walk throughout the site (typically between 2-5 miles per day) in all weather conditions. Guidance is provided on how to safely manage these aspects of the job.

Safety of all WRHS staff is of the utmost importance, and all possible precautions are taken. FPAs will never be asked to go beyond their reasonable limits. Additionally:

1. This position requires outdoor work in all weather conditions. FPAs are expected to come to work with proper shoes and attire for current conditions.
2. Power equipment (weed whackers, rototillers, shearers, etc.) is used throughout the site. Training is provided on how to safely utilize equipment, and all relevant PPE must be worn while operating.
3. FPA’s may be asked to operate the Kubota, a small utility vehicle.
4. Applicants under 18 will not be allowed to operate heavy machinery or drive full size HFV vehicles. This includes tractors, trucks, and excavators.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to Jennifer Dukes at This position will remain open until filled

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