Associate Director of Sales and Marketing, Hale Farm and Village


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About this position

Responsible to the Director of Hale Farm & Village for developing, coordinating, and supervising all Hale Farm sales and marketing initiatives (wholesale and retail), facility rentals, food services, and admissions and expanding them to meet gross and net income goals established in annual budgets and assuring financial control, accountability, and profitability of all sales operations.

CLASSIFICATION: This position is classified as a full-time professional and is exempt from overtime compensation.

SUPERVISION: Supervises employees, volunteers, and agents engaged in marketing, sales and other designated earned income activities.

1. Collaborate with other vendors, retailers, and wholesalers to increase the profitability of Hale Farm sales efforts.
2. Work with donors and other providers to supply objects, goods, and materials for sale.

1. Produces a written annual business plan with specific income targets and strategies, quarterly reporting provisions, and sales expense/income analysis based on current strategic plan.
2. Directs all Hale Farm retail store operations including product selection, store layouts, presentation, inventory management, and pricing.
3. Develops and actively manages an inventory of existing and potential product offerings
4. Creates and periodically updates a strategy for attracting and developing future product offerings and attracting licensing opportunities.
5. Select appropriate distribution channels from traditional and web-based sources, and develop a tracking system in order to maximize sales potential of product offerings.
6. Oversees facility rentals and food services to assure maximum income generation.
7. Oversees group sales and admissions to maximize revenue and ensure a positive visitor experience
8. Inventories and coordinates existing earned income initiatives Society-wide and develops and implements new earned income initiatives.
9. Designs and implements plans to market the Museum via advertising, promotions, and partnerships with other organizations.
10. Implements audience development initiatives to reach target audience
11. Supervises all museum promotions, including but not limited to, special events, rentals, retail, group travel programs, and attendance development
12. Oversees management of revenue generation in admissions, special events, and merchandise.
13. Conducts advertising research, develops advertising plans, and implements those approved.
14. Maintains and develops avenues for media, promotion and news information and stores and maintains an excellent working relationship with press and other media
15. Ensures effective control of marketing results and that corrective action takes place to be certain that the achievement of marketing objectives are within designated budgets.
16. Undertakes other duties as may be assigned by the Director of Hale Farm & Village.

1. The Director of Sales & Marketing is a senior administrative position that requires an entrepreneurial spirit and drive, appropriate academic training, achievement in sales and marketing, an attitude conducive to team building, and the communication and leadership skills necessary to build a successful operation.
2. An undergraduate degree, preferably in business administration.
3. Professional level experience of at least five years in a sales and marketing capacity, with demonstrated job-related initiative, goal orientation, creativity, achievement, and growth; experience with other not-for-profit organizations is a plus.
4. Essential personal traits include enthusiasm, dependability, tact, flexibility, and the capacity to work with a variety of people of all ages and backgrounds with a focus on the customer.

If interested, please send your cover letter and resume to Jennifer Dukes, HR Manager at

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