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Special Event Protection Services Officer In Charge

RESPONSIBILITY: Responsible to the VP of Facilities, Western Reserve Historical Society.
CLASSIFICATION: This position is classified as operational and is non-exempt with regard to overtime compensation.
SUPERVISION: Reports to the VP of Facilities for daily assignment. No direct Supervision of others within the department.
COORDINATION: Through the VP of Facilities works with the Society’s departments and auxiliaries on a daily basis, as well as on behalf of the society’s special events and programs.

  1. Point or lead for Protection Services during events
  2. Directs proper staff coverage for duration of event.
  3. Individual and group visitor control and assistance.
  4. Protect the collection, premises, employees and visitors against fire, theft, vandalism and other dangers that might result in injury, damage or loss.
  5. Conduct regular inspections or duties of the premises as assigned.
  6. Open and close the parking facility. Use of security alarm system and keys.
  7. To remain alert while on duty and to be aware of the activities within the designated post.
  8. The officer may be assigned other tasks necessary to assure the operational function of the WRHS.
  9. Maintain confidentiality within the department.

QUALIFICATIONS: Pleasant manner, observant, tactful, tolerant, honest, alert, and neat. Conscientious in following regulations and instruction from higher authority. The candidate must not be convicted of any felony or misdemeanor involving any crime of dishonesty, breach of trust, theft, violence or substance abuse.

Please send your cover letter and resume to Janet Waterman at jwaterman@wrhs.org

Hale Farm & Village Farm Hand Educator

RESPONSIBILITY: This position is responsible to the Agriculture & Horticulture Coordinator of Hale Farm & Village for care and maintenance of livestock, gardens, farm implements and program demonstrations.
CLASSIFICATION: This position is classified as part-time and is non-exempt with regard to overtime compensation.
COORDINATION: Works with all Hale Farm & Village and Western Reserve Historical Society staff involved in the interpretation of daily life in the museum.


  1. Care for the health, safety, cleanliness, and breeding schedule of all Hale Farm and Village livestock.
  2. Provide to the visiting public informative, accurate, and engaging information about Hale Farm and Village, 19th century farming and gardening techniques, the history of Ohio, and 19th century general American history.
  3. Maintenance of fences, gates, feed troughs, and barns.
  4. Wear period appropriate clothing during different climates.
  5. Maintain the physical cleanliness of the program utensils and of the site.
  6. Undertakes other specific temporary duties as assigned by the Agriculture & Horticulture Coordinator.

QUALIFICATIONS: Be able to prioritize and have flexibility in organizing tasks, especially during periods of visitor interaction.  Must either have experience with large farm animals or an appreciation of their size and care. Be able to make instructions clear to staff and volunteers.  Must have attention to detail and composure under pressure.  This position is physical in nature and candidates must be able to stand for extended periods of time, lift heavy objects and work in a variety of conditions.

All interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to Janet Waterman at jwaterman@wrhs.org. No phone calls please.

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Hale Farm & Village Museum Educator

RESPONSIBILITY: Responsible to the Education Program Manager.
CLASSIFICATION: Part time, non-exempt from overtime
COORDINATION: Works closely with the Education Program Manager to facilitate and enhance educational programming, including school, group and public programs. Activities contribute to the museum’s retail, facility rental, group tour, agricultural, craft and trade and preservation programs.


      1. Works directly with school groups, youth and the general public, facilitating hands-on educational programming at Hale Farm & Village and outreach locations, including but not limited to schools.
      2. Meets, greets, and checks in groups before the assigned time for their education program.
      3. Reads and researches, as assigned, in preparation for teaching all of the programs offered through the Education Department.
      4. Prepares and maintains the materials used in the in the demonstration and production of assigned areas, as well as for educational programs, including site set-up, clean-up and general assigned maintenance duties.
      5. Participates in the evaluation of programs and provides feedback in a timely and professional manner.
      6. May be asked to help with the development of new program content and methodologies, partnerships, training of new staff, interns and/or volunteers.
      7. Demonstrates additional rural life activities and chores as appropriate to advancing public understanding about farm life in the 19th century Western Reserve, and its relevance today.
      8. Participates in special events sponsored by or at Hale Farm & Village, including mandatory attendance for select Hale Farm community events.
      9. Accountable to the Education Program Manager for authentic, thorough, and engaging presentations to all audiences. This includes but is not necessarily limited to authenticity of dress/appearance, program materials and props, as well as the cleanliness and safety of assigned sites.
      10. Accepts other duties as may be assigned by the Education Program Manager.
      11. As appropriate, may demonstrate the process and contribute to production of a variety of historic crafts & trades or domestic skills specific to early- to mid-19th century rural life, which may include candle making, broom making, spinning, weaving, pottery, and hearth or stove cooking.


      1. Have a desire to teach and work with young people;
      2. Have the ability to work with a wide range of museum personnel, to work independently, but willingly function as a member of a team;
      3. Be able to prioritize, but also have extreme flexibility;
      4. Must exhibit tact, enthusiasm, and professional behavior;
      5. Be dependable and reliable, and able to work to a time schedule;
      6. Possess knowledge of American and Western Reserve history.
      7. Experience in a historic craft & trade area, or arts training and experience in a related area, or the willingness to be trained in new skills as needed;
      8. Be physically able to accomplish routine program tasks, or crafts & trades production and demonstration tasks throughout seasonal conditions.
      9. Training or experience in education is helpful, preferably having an undergraduate degree in social studies, social sciences, humanities, or education; teaching experience in the K-12 range of grades or experience in a museum or youth educational program is beneficial.

All interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to Janet Waterman at jwaterman@wrhs.org. No phone calls please.

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Western Reserve Historical Society is an equal opportunity employer.