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Sales Manager

Responsibility:  Responsible to the Director/Site Manager of Hale Farm & Village for overseeing all earned income activities at Hale Farm & Village and for the operations of the Gatehouse Visitor Center.  Earned income areas include, but are not limited to, ticket sales, retail and wholesale sales in museum stores, Café and Catering, group sales, and facility rentals (HFV).

Classification:  This position is classified as full-time, professional, and the incumbent is exempt from overtime compensation.

Supervision:  Hale Farm and Village Sales, Café, and Event Associates, as well as volunteers and/or interns. 

Coordination:  Coordinates closely with the Hale Farm & Village Director/Site Manager to develop sales and merchandise inventory strategies; with major departments of the Society for product development suggestions; and with the HFV Director/Site Manager for day-to-day operations of the store and Café, and for special events.  Coordinate financial reporting and administrative support with the HFV / WRHS Business Office.  Contributes to and participates in collaborative efforts between HFV store/admissions and other WRHS departments and sites.  Offers ideas and suggestions for expanding and unifying sales efforts across the institution. 


Retail & Wholesale Sales

Objective:  Grow HFV retail revenue by providing guests with a unique shopping experience where they discover one of a kind HFV hand-made artisan pieces and a variety of historically inspired, quality museum merchandise


1. Maintains a flow of product and merchandise to support level of sales:
     •  Works with the Director/Site Manager of Hale Farm & VIllage to coordinate sales and merchandise receipts;
       o  Reorder best selling product and merchandise
       o  Take steps to liquidate slow selling merchandise
     •  Manage and administer the point of sale system for HFV, consistent with WRHS guidelines 
     •  Plans and supervises annual physical inventory;
     •  Coordinates with other departments to take advantage of retail and wholesale opportunities, particularly HFV craft and trade products
     •  Implement program to generate additional retail and wholesale sales

2. Implements an effective visual presentation of product and merchandise:
   •  Ensures all product is appropriately signed;
   •  Maintains a clean, safe work environment;
   •  Maintains fixtures and equipment;
   •  Supports and contributes ideas and information to the HFV section of the WRHS web site as it relates to admissions and retail sales. 

3. Maintains the highest level of customer service: 
   •  Coordinates customer service activities with WRHS Director of Community Engagement
   •  Develop and train an efficient, dedicated staff
       a. Prepares work schedules
       b. Enforces dress code and other codes of conduct
    •  Evaluate individual job performance of reporting employees per WRHS policy
    •  Develop personal relationships with customers and vendors;
    •  Place special orders and notify customers of their arrival;
    •  Maintain direct mail list and customer database;
    •  Manage and perform all admission functions and supervises admissions staff.

4. Controls retail and wholesale store operating expenses and complies with WRHS accounting systems and procedures:
   •  Follows procedures for transfer of sales receipts to the business office on a timely basis; 
   •  Controls all operating expenses including, but not limited to, salary cost, supplies, merchandise, and equipment;
   •  Responsible for balancing sales receipts at the close of each business day

Food Service
Objective:  Develop a business plan for the HFV Café & Catering Program, including an overall plan for the visitor experience that elevates the availability and importance of quality, historically inspired foods made with locally grown and grazed produce and meats.  This reflects the museum’s focus on historic agriculture and links to current/future trends. 

   •  Direct all HFV revenue initiatives for in house and/or contracted food service providers in coordination with the HFV Director/Site Manager.

Group Sales
Objective: Expand HFV opportunities for group visits, including but not limited to motor coach tours, customized experiences, historically themed meal programs, health and wellness activities, and corporate outings.
Facility Rentals
Objective:   Expand HFV opportunities to earn income from facility rentals

5. Sell site for rental and group tours 
   •  Conduct Site tours of Hale Farm throughout the year to interested rental and group tour clients on a one-on-one basis.
   •  Coordinate with client and caterer all logistics for the event.
   •  Prepare, coordinate, and process reservation databases for special programs, group tours, and rentals
   •  Coordinate with Director of Sales & Marketing, visitor bureaus, and tourist councils to host group sales-related FAM tours

6. Supports income generation initiatives by identifying and recommending programs and activities based on the strengths of the department that will contribute to the fiscal success of WRHS.

7. Maintain business files in an organized, professional and current manner

1. Job-related skills include, but are not limited to initiative, goal orientation, creativity, and communication. Ability to walk/stand for long periods of time is necessary.  Ability to manage time effectively is critical, and ability to thrive within a team environment is essential. 

2. Bachelor’s Degree required; Degree in Sales, Marketing, Hospitality, American History or a related field preferred, but not necessarily required.

3. Minimum three years of previous sales experience in a museum and/or a non-profit retail operation desirable, but not necessarily required.

4. Experience working with the public required

5. Essential personality traits include enthusiasm, dependability, flexibility, integrity.

6. Qualified candidates must subscribe to the highest levels of customer service

7. E-commerce experience is preferred; however not required

Please submit your cover letter and resume to Jennifer Pinkston at jpinkston@wrhs.org or mail your application to Western Reserve Historical Society, Attn HR: Sales Manager, 10825 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH  44106.  Deadline to apply is Friday, April 11, 2014.   No phone calls please.

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Hale Farm Sales Associate Museum Store & Cafe

Classification:  Part-time; non-exempt from overtime compensation

Coordination:  Coordinates with the Sales Manager, Sales Lead, Public Program Manager, and Site Manager to carry out daily admission, retail and cafe operations.

1. Maintains a high level of customer service:
-  Assists in answering all customer questions and concerns.
-  Answers phones in a pleasant and knowledgeable manner.
-  Maintains communication with all departments regarding special events and programs.
-  Carries out all policies and procedures for guest services
-  Handles customer purchases and returns.
-  Places special orders and notifies customers of their arrival.
-  Performs all admission functions.

2. Maintains a flow of merchandise to support level of sales:
-  Accurately record all transactions on the point-of-sale system.
-  Keeps store and café stocked appropriately from inventory. 
-  Communicates with management as to inventory levels and necessities.
-  Keeps accurate inventories as assigned by management.

3. Implements an effective visual presentation of merchandise including appropriate signage:
-  Maintains a clean and safe work environment, including store, café, and common areas.
-  Maintains fixtures and equipment.
-  Works with Sales Manager or Sales Lead to maintain professional and attractive signage and promotional displays.

4. Maintains Café operations to Health Department, Serve-Safe and management standards.
-  Maintain absolute cleanliness of all areas of the Cafe, including  kitchen equipment, food storage areas, as well as the restaurant dining areas.
-  Must comply with all state health codes and regulations regarding food safety and alcohol consumption.
-  Prepares a limited café menu as assigned and/or needed throughout the work week.
-  Uses all equipment properly and maintains equipment correctly.
5. Maintain Core Performance Standards:
-  Commits to a regular schedule.
-  Follows dress code and other codes of conduct.
-  Provides additional assistance for key events.

6. Comply with the Society’s accounting systems and procedures:
-  Follows procedures for transfer of daily sales receipts to the manager on duty or business office on a timely basis.
-  Assists to controls operating expenses, including, but not limited to, supplies, merchandise, and equipment.

9.  Other duties as assigned by the Hale Farm Sales Manager, Sales Lead or Management staff.

1.  Job-related skills include, but are not limited to initiative, goal orientation, creativity, and communication.  Ability to walk/stand for long periods of time is necessary.

2.  Essential personality traits include enthusiasm, dependability, flexibility, and integrity.

3.  Sales and food service background is desirable.

Please submit your resume to Jennifer Pinkston at jpinkston@wrhs.org or mail it to: Western Reserve Historical Society, Attn HR: HFV Sales Associate, 10825 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH  44106.

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Museum Educator

Responsibility:    Responsible to the Education Program Manager. 

Classification:    Part time, seasonal, non-exempt from overtime 

Supervision:        N/A

Coordination:  Works closely with the Education Program Manager to facilitate and enhance educational programming, including school, group and public programs.  Activities contribute to the museum’s retail, facility rental, group tour, agricultural, craft and trade and preservation programs.   

1.  Works directly with school groups, youth and the general public, facilitating hands-on educational programming at Hale Farm & Village and outreach locations, including but not limited to schools. 

2.  Meets, greets, and checks in groups before the assigned time for their education program.

3.  Reads and researches, as assigned, in preparation for teaching all of the programs offered through the Education Department.

4.  Prepares and maintains the materials used in the educational programs, including site set-up, clean-up and general assigned maintenance duties.

5.  Participates in the evaluation of programs and provides feedback in a timely and professional manner.

6.  May be asked to help with the development of new program content and methodologies, partnerships, training of new staff, interns and/or volunteers.

7.  Demonstrate variety of rural life activities and chores as appropriate to advancing public understanding about farm life in the 19th century Western Reserve, and its relevance today.    

8.  Participates in special events sponsored by or at Hale Farm & Village, including mandatory attendance for select Hale Farm community events.

9.  Accountable to the Education Program Manager for authentic, thorough, and engaging presentations to all audiences.  This includes but is not necessarily limited to authenticity of dress/appearance, program materials and props, as well as the cleanliness and safety of assigned sites.      

10.  Accepts other duties as may be assigned by the Education Program Manager
1.  Have a desire to teach and work with young people;

2.  Have the ability to work with a wide range of museum personnel, to work independently, but willingly function as a member of a team; 

3.  Be able to prioritize, but also have extreme flexibility;

4.  Must exhibit tact, enthusiasm, and professional behavior;

5.  Be dependable and reliable; be able to work to a time schedule;

6.  Possess knowledge of American and Western Reserve history, and training or experience in education is helpful, preferably having an undergraduate degree in social studies, social sciences, humanities, or education; teaching experience in the K-12 range of grades or experience in a museum or youth educational program is beneficial.

Please submit your resume to Lisa Leaman at lleaman@wrhs.org or through the mail to Hale Farm & Village, Attn: Lisa Leaman, PO Box 296, Bath, Ohio  44210.

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Western Reserve Historical Society is an equal opportunity employer.