Youth Entrepreneurship Education

Experience Northeast Ohio’s entrepreneurial spirit of the past, present and future.

Our mission is to encourage students to take ownership of their future, by exploring the free-enterprise system, thought place-based experiences that demonstrate the personal and community impact of entrepreneurship

Through the lens of entrepreneurship, these students have strengthened content-based reading skills, problem-solving skills and vocabulary acquisition all while experiencing two of Northeast Ohio’s most unique museums.  Pre-visit and post-visit classroom lessons support authentic assessment and  align with the State of Ohio New Learning Standards for Social Studies, Language Arts and Mathematics.


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Discover WRHS: Youth Entrepreneurship Education Experiences

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Professional Development Opportunities

Be a part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem of the Northeast Ohio. Youth Entrepreneurship Education offers these opportunities:

  • Road Trip Retreat
  • The After School Special at the Cleveland History Center
  • One-the-Spot Orientation at your school
For more information contact Alayna Moreman at (216) 721-5722 x1506 OR