Youth Entrepreneurship Education Experiences

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4th Grade | The Roots of Entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio | Hale Farm & Village

Students discover how early entrepreneurs provided the foundation for the growth of early Ohio communities. Students explore the early American crafts and trades venues while discovering a rural, barter-driven, pre-industrial economy. This experiences leads to a discovery of entrepreneurial concepts and key vocabulary acquisition.

 The Roots of Entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio

Location: Hale Farm & Village in Bath, Ohio

  • Explore early crafts & trades, farm yards and a historic village
  • Role-play as entrepreneurs during pre and post canal eras
  • Economic growth of early communities in Ohio
  • Vocabulary acquisition activities
  • Productive resources
  • Production and consumption of goods and services

5th Grade | Setting the World in Motion | Cleveland History Center  

Surrounded by the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum collection and examples of Cleveland’s most innovative minds of the 20th century, students identify the characteristics of an entrepreneur. Then, they imagine themselves as entrepreneurs and creatively use primary source documents to learn about productive resources and regional specialization. Scholars then use their gained knowledge as a class to complete an onsite business plan.

Setting the World in Motion

Location: Cleveland History Center in University Circle

  • Explore Cleveland-made classic cars and other products
  • Role-play as industrial era entrepreneurs
  • Discover the impact of geography on the formation of industry in Northeast Ohio
  • Investigate primary sources
  • Complete a class business plan
  • Develop economic vocabulary
  • Build problem solving skills
  • Practice public speaking skills

 6th Grade | REVolution | Cleveland History Center

Utilizing the REVolution  exhibit, the Chisholm Halle Costume Wing and Cleveland Starts Here®, a core exhibition and digital platform that apply the fundamental questions of economics, students explore how Cleveland entrepreneurs shape and continue to influence the American and global experience.


Location: Cleveland History Center in University Circle

  • Explore the free enterprise system throughout Cleveland’s history
  • Simulate supply and demand in the market place
  • Innovate an artifact to meet the needs of a target market
  • Investigate the fundamental questions of economics
  • Analyze regional specialization and global interdependence
  • Discover primary source document and artifacts within Cleveland Starts Here®

7th Grade | Entrepreneurs in Communities | Cleveland History Center 

Using WRHS Research Library collections, students explore the essential question of how the entrepreneurial spirit supports a healthy community. Students will examine how entrepreneurs impact neighborhoods as both business owners and residents, and students will use these observations to practice decision-making processes that entrepreneurs use. Then, students will use the history of Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood as a case study to track how these factors have played out over time and how the health of a neighborhood might be restored through the engagement of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs in Communities

Location: Cleveland History Center in University Circle

  • Develop an understanding of decision-making processes used by entrepreneurs 
  • Reinforce the core concepts of entrepreneurship and financial literacy
  • Equip students with the 21st Century skills they will need to harness technology for critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Examine the economic, political, and social history of Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood and reflect, journal, and write coherently about information gained from primary sources
  • Emphasize English/Language Arts learning standards in order to strengthen students’ critical thinking skills

The YEE Continuum is supported by the generosity of a lead gift from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, these programs are at no cost; include free transportation and classroom materials for Cleveland Metropolitans School District and Cleveland Charter Schools.



Youth Entrepreneurship Education Inquiry

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