Top Brass |The Core of the Crawford


The Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum is proudly celebrating its 80th year as a collection in Northeast Ohio with their newest exhibit, Top Brass: The Core of the Crawford Collection!

Top Brass | The Core of the Crawford, is now open at the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum.

We hope you’ll join us for a look at some of the cars from Fred Crawford’s collection as it was when this museum’s predecessor—The Thompson Auto Album—first opened in 1943. Many of these cars are original to the collection and have been with us for over 80 years, while a few of them joined later but are indicative of the kinds of cars Fred would have collected.

With automobiles, motorcycles, and airplanes dating back to the dawn of motorized transportation, the Crawford can help tell the full history—and follow the path of innovation—in transportation technology. Featuring several distinctive vehicles and pieces of historical significance, the Crawford is a unique experience you can’t find anywhere else. From the world’s foremost collection of Cleveland-built automobiles and planes that raced in the Thompson Trophy, to the full series of Shirley Campbell’s “Motorcyclists of the Seventies” paintings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at the Crawford this year.

Open Now through October 8th, 2023.