Philanthropic Archives

Philanthropic Archives

Philanthropic Archives
The Philanthropic Archives collects and makes available for research material that documents the history of philanthropy and charity in Northeast Ohio. It houses manuscript collections consisting of individual and family papers, oral histories, and the institutional records of foundations and nonprofit organizations. These materials include grant files and board minutes, administrative and financial records, correspondence, photographs, publications, and audio and video tapes.

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The Philanthropic Archives provides two critical services:

• Preserves the evidence of philanthropic activities in Northeast Ohio by organizing and providing access to valuable operating records, allowing for efficient and informed management of the philanthropies.

• The records allow the study of resource allocation decisions by the donor agencies for both current grant-making and historical analysis.

Philanthropy and philanthropic endeavors have long term repercussions for a region in addition to the immediate impact created by funding a program, person, or groups. Resource allocators and social planners need to know whether strategies were successful or not for both the recipient and for the philanthropic organization. The philanthropic archives provides the information necessary for determining the most effective strategies and endeavors, which in turn help to inform future grant requests and decisions. This documentation becomes an invaluable social legacy for the region.

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Below are some of the organizations that have donated to the Philanthropic Archive

AHS Foundation

Air Foundation

Bascom Little Fund

Bingham Associates Fund

The Brush Foundation

Children’s Aid Society

Cleveland Clearing House Association

Cleveland Development Foundation

Cleveland Families Oral History Project

Cleveland Foundation

Cleveland Friends of Music

Cleveland Women’s City Club Foundation

Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation

Center for Community Solutions

Foundation Center-Cleveland

Gay Educational Awareness Resources (GEAR) Foundation

George Gund Foundation

George S. Dively Foundation

Grantmakers Forum

Greater Cleveland Growth Association

Greater Cleveland Community Shares

Gustavus Adolphus Aid Society


Health Fund of Greater Cleveland

Hungarian Ladies Charity Club

John P. Murphy Foundation

Katherine and Lee Chilcote Foundation

Kulas Foundation

Martha Holden Jennings Foundation

The Mukti Fund

Nord Family Foundation

Nordson Foundation

Ohio Council of Fund Raising Executives

Payne Fund, Inc.

Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation

Saint Luke’s Foundation

The Sihler Mental Health Foundation

Thomas H. White Foundation

TRW Foundation

United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland

United Way Services of Greater Cleveland

William Bingham Foundation

Women’s City Club of Cleveland

Women’s Community Foundation

Woodruff Foundation

Philanthropic Archives Exhibits

Women in Philanthropy and Charity in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio: Celebrating Over 200 Years of Generosity and Civic Commitment





The Philanthropic Archives is part of the WRHS Heritage Management| Corporate and Philanthropic Archives Program.