Serving the Community: A Timeline of Philanthropy, Charity, and Non-profit Organizations in Cleveland, Ohio




1956 George S. Dively Foundation established by George Dively to support leadership development in business and higher education1956 Cleveland Modern Dance Association (later known as Dance Cleveland) founded to promote modern dance in Cleveland

1956 Murch Foundation established by Maynard Murch to support the arts, education, hospitals, and recreational programs

1956 Windsor Hospital incorporated as a non-profit mental health hospital by Paul Sihler

1956 Wuliger Foundation established by Ernest Wuliger to fund Jewish community organizations, education, health care, and social services

1956 Cleveland Rehabilitation Center and the Vocational Guidance Bureau merge to create Vocational Guidance and Rehabilitation Services

1956 John F. and Doris E. Ernsthausen Charitable Foundation established by John and Doris Ernsthausen

1956 Holy Family Cancer Home founded to provide for the needs of incurable cancer patients

1957 Forest City Hospital opens to provide admitting privileges and administrative opportunities to African American physicians; founded by U. G. Mason, Middleton Lambright, Samuel Freedlander, and others; closed in 1978

1957 Hadden Foundation established by John Alexander Hadden to support health care, social services, child development, and cultural programs; terminated in 1993

1957 University Circle Development Foundation created with the support of Elizabeth Ring Mather to facilitate collective planning by University Circle institutions

1958 Paul and Maxine Frohring Foundation established by Paul and Maxine Frohring to support higher education, health services, and social services

1958 Martha Holden Jennings Foundation established by Martha Holden Jennings to improve the quality of primary and secondary education and teaching through support of teacher training, education projects, curriculum development, school evaluations, and educational television

1958 William O. and Gertrude Lewis Frohring Foundation established by William and Gertrude Frohring to support health services, education, and the arts

1958 Benjamin S. Gerson Family Foundation established by Benjamin Gerson and members of the Gerson family to support education, civil liberties, programs for children and families, and community programs

1958 Laub Foundation established by Herbert Laub and Elsie Laub to support private high school scholarships, cultural programs, and youth agencies

1959 Harry K. and Emma Rosenfeld Fox Charitable Foundation established by Emma Fox

1959 Ferro Foundation established by Ferro Corp. to support community funds, higher education, and cultural programs

1959 Kol Israel Foundation established for Cleveland survivors of the Holocaust

1959 Rosenthal Foundation established to support education, programs for children and the elderly, and Jewish heritage programs

1959 HCS Foundation established by Harold Schott to support health care, cultural programs, education programs, and programs for the handicapped

1959 Health Fund of Greater Cleveland established to coordinate health funding in Cleveland; terminated in 1977

1959 Villa Sancta Anna Home for the Aged established by the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association to serve the needs of poor elderly men and women

1960 Dobama Theater established by Don and Marilyn Bianchi, Barry Silverman, and Mark Silverberg

1960 Hill House established as the first community-based adult psycho-social rehabilitation agency in Ohio

1960 John P. Murphy Foundation established by John Murphy to support education, the arts, civic affairs, social services, and health care programs

1960 National Society of Fund Raising Executives established to promote stewardship and donor trust through member education and policy initiatives; Cleveland chapter established in the 1980s

Forest City Hospital
Forest City Hospital
Martha Holden Jennings
Martha Holden Jennings

John P. Murphy
John P. Murphy
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