Serving the Community: A Timeline of Philanthropy, Charity, and Non-profit Organizations in Cleveland, Ohio




Since World War II, Cleveland philanthropy has supplied or supplemented funding for institutions not covered by governmental programs. This private sector money has allowed both the founding of new organizations and movements and the continuation and stabilization of existing ones. Post-war tax law changes promoted the establishment of family foundations that continue to support the non-profit community of Cleveland. Cleveland’s corporate community enhanced its philanthropic presence with the formation of several corporate foundations.

1946 Doctor’s Hospital (later Hillcrest Hospital) founded in Cleveland Heights1946 Madonna Hall becomes a nursing home for the elderly

1947 Camp Cheerful established by the Society for Crippled Children

1947 Cleveland Institute of Jewish Studies (later known as Cleveland College of Jewish Studies) established

1947 Kangesser Foundation established by Robert Kangesser, Harry Kangesser, and M. Sylvia Kangesser to support Jewish education and welfare organizations

1947 Renner Foundation established as the Renner Clinic Foundation by R. Richard Renner to support higher education, hospitals, and the environment

1947 Nelson Talbott Foundation established by Nelson Talbott to support conservation programs, the arts, education, and human services

1948 Murtis H. Taylor Multi-Service Center founded as the Alexander Hamilton Community Center by Murtis Howard Taylor-Mills and the Neighborhood Settlement Association of Cleveland to provide services to youth, elderly, and families in the Mt. Pleasant area

1948 Women’s City Club Foundation established to support research related to women’s issues

1948 American Heart Association, Northeast Ohio Affiliate, holds First Annual Heart Fund Drive

1948 Stella Maris Detox Center founded by Fr. Otis Winchester as an independent rehabilitation center for alcoholics and drug addicts

1949 Federal tax law changes lead to the establishment of numerous family foundations in Cleveland in the ensuing years

1949 Marymount Hospital established by the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis

1949 Sears-Swetland Foundation established by Lester Sears to support health care programs, education, and environmental research

1949 Bicknell Fund established by Kate Hanna Bicknell and Warren Bicknell, Jr.

1949 Cleveland Chamber Music Society established to bring ensembles to perform in Cleveland

1949 National Committee on Foundations and Trusts for Community Welfare established; predecessor organization to Council on Foundations

1950 Kidney Foundation of Ohio founded in Cleveland

1950 Tremco Foundation established by Tremco Manufacturing Company to support community funds, higher education, social services, and cultural programs

1951 Links, Inc. Cleveland chapter established by African American women to promote charitable, civic, cultural, and educational activities

1951 Ireland Foundation established by Margaret Allen Ireland to support nursing, secondary and higher education, health care, and music

Firman Fund established by Pamela Humphrey Hanna Firman

1951 George M. and Pamela S. Humphrey Fund established by George and Pamela Humphrey to support hospitals, education, cultural programs, and community funds

1951 Gilbert W. and Louise Humphrey Foundation established by Gilbert and Louise Humphrey to support education, music, cultural programs, health services, and social programs

1951 Andrews Foundation established by Mrs. Matthew Andrews to support the arts, education, alcoholism programs, and programs for the disabled

1952 George Gund Foundation established by George Gund to support education, economic revitalization, human services, the arts, ecology, and civic affairs

1952 Bolton Foundation established by Fanny Hanna Bolton to support Cleveland hospitals and secondary education; became Bolton and Kenridge Foundation and Elisha Bolton Foundation in 1989

1952 Britton Fund established by Gertrude Hanna Britton, Brigham Britton, and M. J. Mitchell to support the United Way and other community and educational concerns

1952 Lubrizol Foundation established by Lubrizol Corp. to support higher education, social services, civic affairs, cultural programs, youth agencies, and health care

1952 Educational Trust established by Reliance Electric to fund higher education and hospitals

1953 Afro-American Cultural and Historical Society Museum (later African American Museum) established through the efforts of Icabod Flewellen

1953 South Waite Foundation established by Francis and Margaret Sherwin to support community funds, the arts, secondary education, youth programs, and medical research

1953 TRW Foundation established by TRW, Inc. to support higher education, civic programs, the arts, welfare programs, and programs for children and youth; terminated 2003

1953 Eaton Charitable Fund established by Eaton Corp. to support local organizations that serve the needs and interests of company employees

1953 Louise Harkness and David Sinton Ingalls Foundation established by Louise Harkness and David Sinton Ingalls to support secondary and higher education, community funds, health care, and cultural institutions

Benjamin Rose Hospital established by the Benjamin Rose Institute; merged with University Hospitals of Cleveland in 1968

1953 John Huntington Fund for Education created from the John Huntington Arts and Polytechnic Trust

1953 Marguerite M. Wilson Foundation established by Marguerite Wilson to support hospitals and education

1953 Sherwick Fund established by John Sherwin and Frances Wick Sherwin to support youth agencies, the arts, and health and human services

1953 S. Livingston Mather Charitable Trust established by Samuel Livingston Mather to support education, youth programs, mental health programs, social services, cultural activities, and the environment

1954 Cleveland Development Foundation established to assist in urban renewal efforts

1954 Elizabeth Ring and William Gwinn Mather Fund established by Elizabeth Ring Mather

1954 Golden Age Centers of Cleveland founded to meet the health and social needs of the elderly

1954 Inner City Protestant Parish (Inner City Renewal Society) established to provide interracial ministry to Cleveland’s impoverished neighborhoods through church establishment, religious education, and social reform

1954 Nationalities Services Center (later known as the International Services Center) established to serve Cleveland’s immigrant community

1954 Evenor Armington Fund established by Everett Armington and members of the Armington family to support education, child welfare, medical research, health programs, the arts, the environment, and public policy organizations

1955 George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation established by George Codrington to support public charitable and educational projects in Cuyahoga County

1955 Haskell Funded established by Melville Haskell to support community services in Cleveland

1955 Cyrus Eaton Foundation established to support cultural programs, public affairs, social services, and international peace studies

1955 Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation established by Albert Kelvin Smith to support education, the arts, the free enterprise system, health care, conservation, and community funds

1955 William Bingham Foundation established by Elizabeth Bingham Blossom from the inheritance she received from her brother; supports fine arts, education, health care, welfare programs, and the environment

1955 Treuhaft Foundation established by William Treuhaft and Eugene Freedhein to support higher education, cultural programs, and Jewish welfare agencies; assets transferred to the Cleveland Foundation and the Treu-Mart Fund in 1991

Murtis Howard Taylor-Mills
Murtis Howard Taylor-Mills
Kate Hanna Bicknell
Kate Hanna Bicknell
George Gund
George Gund
Fanny Hanna Bolton
Fanny Hanna Bolton
Elizabeth Ring Mather
Elizabeth Ring Mather
William Gwinn Mather
William Gwinn Mather
Nationalities Services Center
Nationalities Services Center

Cyrus Eaton
Cyrus Eaton
1929-1945 1956-1960