Lost Ghost Stories of Cleveland


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Rediscover Cleveland’s Forgotten Hauntings…

Hiding in obscure corners and in plain sight, chilling tales from Cleveland’s paranormal past await reawakening. A tale from 1840 places the city’s first haunted house on the windswept commons south of town. Hanged murderers were said to roam the corridors of the Old County Jail, and the 1885 disinterment of the old Cleveland Medical College graveyard led to reports of nocturnal phantoms throughout the excavation. With the construction of Bulkley Boulevard in 1912, many West Side homes were demolished. Also destroyed was the entrance to what neighbors menacingly called The Cave of Apparitions.

Take a step back in time with author and investigative historian William G. Krejci on this journey through Cleveland’s long lost ghostly past.

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About the author

William G. Krejci was born in Cleveland and raised in neighboring Avon Lake. He spends much of his time investigating the origins of ghostly legends and urban lore. He hosts ghost walks in Cleveland and Put-in-Bay and sits on the board of the Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation. William is the author of Buried Beneath Cleveland: Lost Cemeteries of Cuyahoga County , Haunted Put-in-Bay , Ghosts and Legends of Northern Ohio , Lost Put-in-Bay and the Jack Sullivan Mysteries and the coauthor of Haunted Franklin Castle . In his free time, he enjoys hiking and playing guitar and singing in an Irish band.

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