Crawford Ultimate Car Connoisseur


THE perfect collection for the Car Connoisseur!


1932 Peerless Coffee Mug

Enjoy your favorite hot beverage with a sleek, black 1932 Peerless!  15 oz

1907 Studebaker Garford Coffee Mug

Enjoy your coffee or tea in a unique, purple, 1907 Studebaker Garford Automobile 15 oz mug!

1956 Mercedes Benz Key Chain

300 SL with gull wing doors

Ford Model A Face Mask

Premium, high quality cotton fabric with tan, classic Ford Model A cars on mask.  Thin, comfortable elastic ear loops.  Adult sized.

Late 1930’s Bugatti Face Mask

Premium, high-quality cotton fabric with sleek, late 1930’s Bugatti automobiles on mask.  Thin, comfortable elastic ear loops.  Adult sized.

1953 Red Corvette Convertible Face Mask

Premium, high-quality cotton fabric with red 1953 Corvette convertibles on mask.  Thin, comfortable elastic ear loops.  Adult sized.

An AUTO-Biography with Frederick C. Crawford DVD

Experience a personal dialogue with Frederick C. Crawford as he recollects how the Crawford Auto Collection began.  This interview was filmed in 1983 in honor of Mr. Crawford’s 90th birthday.  Run time is 19 minutes.


Streamlined:  Classic Cars of the 20th Century

In 2009, the Prototyp car museum in Hamburg, Germany, organized a special two-month exhibit where 25 classic, streamlined automobiles had an unprecedented “aerodynamic rendezvous.” The exhibition included such automotive gems as the 1940 BMW Mille Miglia Touring Coupe, the 1977 Mercedes-Benz C111/III, Porsche’s 356 Pre-A coupe of 1950, Petermax Müller’s 1938 World Record Volkswagen, Das Auto magazine founder Paul Pietsch’s 1952 Avus Coupe, and the Kamm K3 from 1938. Michel Zumbrunn, who specializes in classic cars, photographed this unique exhibition of never-before-shown-together works of art. The result is this book, an unparalleled artistic documentation of the history of the aerodynamically optimized automobile. Anyone with a passion for classic cars and the science of aerodynamics will revel in these gorgeous images coupled with historical and technical information based on research by renowned experts.

Author:  Malte Jurgens

Pages:  324

Hardcover book

Purchase the collection and Save!  Items sold separately.

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