Born Under the Sign of Libra


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William Mathewson Milliken, Director Emeritus of The Cleveland Museum of Art, reviews his colorful life beginning with vivid childhood memories of Quee Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and turn-of-the-century visits with relatives in Scotland.  He recalls New York; its social and cultural scene of the Mauve Decade and his post-college start in the pre-World War I years in that city’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The author not only recounts the background of the world wide accessions that established The Cleveland Museum in the forefront of art museums of the world but also reveals facets of his personal saga that, even now, are still unknown to many of his countless friends and acquaintances. 

For those of us who have led less adventuresome lives, Dr. Milliken reminisces engagingly with insight, humor, and the intimate detail that makes places and people come alive.

Born Under the Sign of Libra is Dr. Milliken’s autobiography published by Western Reserve Historical Society.

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