Summer Youth Day Camps 2018

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InHale Day Camps for Kids

Explore Hale Farm & Village and take an active part in history! Each day-long experience (10am to 4 pm) includes a snack and materials; please provide a sack lunch.
Ages 7-12; registration required | $50 members/$60 non-members (per camp)
To register, call 330-666-3711 ext. 1720 or email for more information.

Each InHale Day Camp includes unique opportunities to meet the Hale residents of village and farm, with special access activities just for campers.

Check back for 2019 Summer Camp Information!


Kids on the Farm | June 8 (THIS EVENT HAS PASSED)
Many hands make light work! Share daily life with your new friends on an early Western Reserve Farm:
• See the sheep, check on the chickens, observe the oxen at work, collect eggs, help with laundry and experience daily life
• Take trips to town to deliver eggs and butter – and trade for a little food and fun!

Clay Camp: Potter’s Apprentice  | June 15 (THIS EVENT HAS PASSED)
What happens before the potter sits at the wheel to throw his first pot of the day?
• The General Store needs mugs to sell! Find out for the potter: How many? What kind? Prepare clay for molding a mug (as much fun as playing in the mud!), and then shape a clay piece of your own for the potter’s approval.

Color Camp: Dyer’s Apprentice  | June 22 (THIS EVENT HAS PASSED)
Where does the dyer find the rainbow of colors for the dye pots?
• The answer may be as close of the garden, woods, or even the kitchen! Forage for dyestuffs, prepare dye and watch white wool be transformed into amazing color!


Theater Camp  | June 29 (THIS EVENT HAS PASSED)
How did our 19th century friends make stories come alive?
• Join our acting troop for your turn on stage! Practice your part, find props and costumes, and then spread the word far and wide for all to come and see the show!

Glassblower’s Apprentice | July 6 (THIS EVENT HAS PASSED)
10am-12pm or 2-4pm | (age 11 and up, spaces limited)

How does the glassblower handle molten glass?
• Have an up-close view of all steps of the glassblowing process; learn about traditional shapes and colors, and the history and science behind glass. Best of all, make your own handcrafted glass piece!

Music Maker’s Camp  | July 13 (THIS EVENT HAS PASSED)
What does the inside a fiddle look like?
• Take apart instruments to explore the science behind the sound, and explore traditional musical instruments – dulcimer, fiddle, harmonica – then make your own! Discovery-based learning activities include crafts and the joy of making and sharing music.


Broom Maker’s Apprentice  | July 20 (THIS EVENT HAS PASSED)
What goes into making a broom?
• Our broom maker uses every last scrap of broom corn to make useful items to keep the farm tidy. Among other tasks, you’ll keep busy finding the right branch for a broom handle, helping to make the smallest and tallest brooms you’ve ever seen!

Art Camp: Preserving History | July 27 (THIS EVENT HAS PASSED)
Who was behind the brush for each decorated wall and floor?
• Learn how design elements come together for stenciled decorations in our historic village homes, and how we know today what a home looked like years ago. Use what you learn to paint and stencil your own floor cloth!

Civil War Education Day | August 10 (THIS EVENT HAS PASSED)
What was life as a Civil War soldier like?
• Meet the Sixth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, and their horses, too! Train and drill with the soldiers, and experience camp life as we prepare for our annual Civil War Reenactment.



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