Heritage Management

The Heritage Management Team of the Corporate and Philanthropic History Archives Program partners with businesses, philanthropies, and non-profits to help organizations take an active approach to maintaining and managing their unique stories. The projects, relationships, and collections cultivated through this program are the foundation for WRHS’ position as the leading resource for the history of Northeast Ohio’s entrepreneurs, companies, and philanthropic organizations.

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About Our Heritage Management Services | Our team helps…

  • Establish in-house heritage management programs
  • Organize, arrange, and digitize papers, photographs, artifacts, and audio-visual media
  • Inform employee engagement strategies
  • Collaborate on anniversaries, celebrations, exhibitions, and publications
  • Provide content to advance marketing and public relations campaigns
  • Conduct oral histories and supporting research
  • Assess storage facilities and environmental controls
  • Create in-house archives
  • House organizational records at WRHS Research Library

Preserve your organization’s history!  Grow your organization by raising awareness about your success! Help the community by making your story accessible!




Our mission is to inspire people to discover the American experience by exploring the tangible history of Northeast Ohio and to promote entrepreneurship and philanthropy in the region.

WRHS has the resources and facilities to provide a safe, secure, environmentally-controlled facility for the long-term storage of organizations’ materials, but we also understand that active organizations often want to retain ownership and management of their stories. Our services allow for customizable solutions that combine the expertise of trained archivists, librarians, and museum professionals to create individualized solutions for organizations. This way we can preserve history as it is being made!




Let Us Help Preserve the History You are Making Every Day. WRHS…

  • Preserves and stewards records for over 800 organizations
  • Creates heritage plans for businesses, philanthropies, and non-profits from a variety of industries
  • Increases community awareness of and expands educational programming on entrepreneurship and philanthropy in Northeast Ohio

Contact us about setting up a customizable plan for managing all of your organization’s heritage management needs, or consider donating organizational records to expand the information on our region’s rich history. Did you know material collected by the heritage management program is utilized in support of our many programs including Youth Entrepreneurship Education Program and the Hundred Year Club?

Browse through some of the collections available:

Philanthropists and Philanthropic organizations
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For more information on types of archival materials, organizations who have donated and how materials are utilized: 

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