Thank You to Our Supporters

Thank You to Our Supporters



Western Reserve Historical Society (WRHS) deeply appreciates our donors’ commitment to our mission: to inspire people to discover the American experience by exploring the tangible history of Northeast Ohio. The following made gifts to WRHS. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this donor list. We apologize for any errors or omissions.

Mrs. James S. Abbott, III

Christa Jo and David J. Abood

Mr. Ronald and Dr. Sylvia Abrams

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Addicott

Brenda Adkins

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Adler

Shiv K. Aggarwal

Stacey Alatis

Bobby and Bill Allen

David W. Ambrose

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn G. Anderson, Jr.

James Anderson and Carolyn Anderson

Ms. Lynn Anderson

Anonymous, In Honor of Amy Kenneley

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Asbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ascherman, Jr.

Reynold Lee Ashcroft, In Memory of Lesley Ann Ashcroft

John C. and Elizabeth C. Aten

Mr. Tom Austin and Ms. Judy Watson

John and Karen Bader

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce S. Bailey

Bonnie Baker and Henry S. Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Baldwin, II

Mr. and Ms. Richard F. Balis

Richard and Robin Bamberger, In Memory of Allan Hodges

Louis Barker and Paulanita Barker

Mr. Guan Barnes

Jairus B. Barnes

Michael and Denise Barone

Carolyn and Douglas Barr

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas F. Barranca

Cynthia Bassett

Maynard Bauer

Sandra L. Baumann

Mrs. Laura Baxter-Heuer and Mr. Michael A. Heuer

Gregory R. and Pamela M. Bean

Leonard Beck

Ms. Jan Began

Dee Anne R. and William R. Behrens

Mr. Clarence Belle

John T. Benderman

Julie Berman

Margo and Tom Bertin

Mr. Martin Berwitt

Ms. Sandee Beyerle

Chelsea Beytas

Mark W. and Melanie Biché

Arthur J. Bielfelt

Mary C. Biller, In Memory of William Henry Lamb

Susan Black, In Memory of Dottie Black

William P. Blair, III

Dennis and Madeline Block

Louis J. Bloomfield

Karl A. and Beth J. Bloss

Jo An C. and Ronald E. Boals, In Memory of R. Mouritsen

Mr. Andy Bober and Ms. Liz Bernal

Andrew Bober

Edward H. Bolte, Jr.

Mr. Sandro Bonaiuto

Richard and MaryLou Bongorno

Mr. Raymond Borazanian and Ms. Jeanne Knudtsen

Yolanda Bottiggi and Patricia Bottiggi

Mary Helen Bouchard

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bourne

Thales and Sally Hale Bowen

Karen Boyd, In Memory of Mary Sacha

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Philip Brandon

Christopher P. Brandt and Beth Brandt Sersig

Elizabeth W. Breckenridge

Jim and Lee Brennan

Mrs. Douglas D. Brien

Mary and Richard Brockett

Robert Brooks

Karl W. Brothers and Shirley A. Dickinson

Karl E. and Kathleen L. Brown

Ms. Anne Brown, In Honor of Steve Finley

Barry and Joyce Brown

Thomas and Colleen A. Browne

Eleanor Brucken

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Bruml

Cynthia G. and Robert Bruml

Dr. and Mrs. William E. Bruner, II

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brunswick, In Memory of Robert Mouritsen

Mr. Keith D. Buckley

Mr. Curt Buerling

Mrs. Carol Mandau Buetikofer

Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. Burditt, In Memory of Allan Hodges

Ken and Polly Burns

Gerald E. and Mary R. Burrer

Brian Burton

John Busch

Stanley I. Busch

Michael Busta

Karen and Mike Byers

Kevin and Shannon Callahan

Paul Campbell and Beverly Bierbusse

Patricia Cangelosi-Williams

Mrs. Mary A. Cannon

Frances L. Carlsen

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Carpenter

Vicki Catozza

Jennifer and Jim Cauffield

Ms. Joyce E. Chappelle

Mary E. Chase

Kimberly A. and Richard E. Childs, In Memory of Doris Black

Henry and Sally Chisholm

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Chuhna

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Ciccarello

Keith S. Ciesielczyk

Beverly Cinovec

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Cipiti

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Coldiron

Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Colket, III

Terence M. and Ellen P. Collier

Diane L. Collier

Marjorie Dickard Comella

Jane and Stephen A. Comunale

Dr. Mary L. Contini-Gordon

Grosvie and Charles Cooley

Linda M. Costello

Raymond W. Cox and Nancy R. Foye-Cox

Mitchell and Lisa Cronig

Jeffrey Crowell

R.C. Curtiss, In Memory Mary Sacha

Donald J. and Mary Jo Dailey

Margit K. Daley

Dr. Michael F. d’Amico

Faye L. D’Amore

Peter W. Danford

Cynthia L. and Peter A. D’Angelo

Ralph F. Darr, Jr.

Charles W. Davis

Virginia P. Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. Dale DeGirolamo

Ms. Margaret H. DeGulis

Kathleen A. Dehaan, In Memory of Barbara Thatcher Willams

Mr. and Mrs. David Denecke

Ms. Joanne D. Dickinson, In Memory of Barbara Thatcher Williams

Mr. Douglas Doak, In Memory of Robert Mouritsen

Timothy Doehner

Mary Kay DeGrandis and Edward J. Donnelly

Sharee Dorsey

Lynne and William Dowling

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence B. Drennon

Robert H. Dresser

Kristina DuBois and Mark Wakefield

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Dukes

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Edelman, In Memory of Robert Mouritsen

Douglas and Frances Edixon

Gary L. Eilrich

Ms. Jean Elliott

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ellis

Lillian and Hamilton Emmons

Mrs. Patricia Epperson, In Memory of Bill and Karin Hood

Thomas E. Evans

Neil K. and Marian Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Chandler Everett, In Honor of Ann Sindelar

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Everett, Jr.

Margaret L. Ewart, In Memory of David L. Ewart

Timothy Falcone and Marianne Dahler

Marion and Gene Faubel

John and Elizabeth Feighan

Judith R. Feingold

Dale H. and Nancy Fellows

Blake and Ethnea Ferguson

Feth Family Foundation

Richard L. Fetzer

Mr. Gerald A. Balzer and Ms. Charlene Fink

Mary Ann and Joseph P. Fischer

John Chris Fisher

Stephen E. Flocke and Metta Flocke

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ford, In Memory of Dr. Joseph W. Koelliker

Amy and Sam Foti, In Honor of Cindy Bruml

Jim and Linda Francis

Gerald Franklin

Rita W. Frantz

Mr. John Frato Jr.

John A. and Kathleen M. Frato

Linda and David R. Freeman

Mr. and Ms. Frederick S Freer III

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fringeli

Mary Fenwick Gacka

Jean F. Gadd

Mrs. William M. Ganger

Robert and Diane Gardner

Rudolph and Jenifer Garfield

Mrs. Terri Garfinkel

Dan and Karin Garland

Donald and Barbara Garris

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gauntner, In Memory of Allan Hodges

Helen Gebura

Germaine L. Gibian

Charles E. Gibson

Miss Suzanne L. Gilliland, In Memory of Dale A. Gilliland

Richard and Sally Gillmore

Barbara F. Ginn

Fred and Holly Glock

Carol Gobel, In Memory of John Gobel

Ted and Nancy Goble

Gay Marie Goden and Philip Kulle

Mr. Mark Goodine, In Memory of Robert Mouritsen

Tom and Doris Gorgas, In Honor of the WRHS Library Staff

Mr. Nicholas Goyette

Dr. and Mrs. John J. Grabowski

Antonnette and Norman Graham

Tim and Barbara M. Graham

Aric Greenfield and Nancy Wolf

Laurel Gress

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Gries

Burt W. Griffin

Juergen and Betsy Grosser

Janet and Douglas Grout

Jean E. Gubbins

Geoffrey Gund

Lee and Peter Haas

Jon R. and Hagstrom

Gail Halfacre and Andrea Halfacre

Mr. Rick Hall, In Memory of Barbara Thatcher Williams

Mrs. Cynthia W. Halle

Ray & Dale Halliwill

Mrs. Gina Hamister, In Memory of Barbara Thatcher Williams

Charlotte and Robert H. Hamor

George C. and Nancy W. Hanna

Ms. Helen Hanness, In Memory of Robert Mouritsen

Luise R. Hanold

Ms. Linda Harper


Dr. and Ms. Brian Harte

Mary Jane Hartwell

C. Harvey and Holly Selvaggi

Henry and Robin Hatch

Linda S. and Lawrence H. Hatch

Daryl Hatch

Ms. Erica Henkin

Mr. and Mrs. Don G. Henry

Bonnie L. Hensley

Thomas D. Hilberg, In Memory of Carol A. Hilberg

Claudia Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hillenbrand

Mr. and Mrs. R. Robertson Hilton

J. Hintz and J. M. Trapp

Mrs. Edie Hirsch

Tom & Ann Hirsch

Jean M. Hoffman, In Memory of Kathryn Kunkel Coleman

Ms. Jenny Hogan, In Memory of Robert Mouritsen

Gail and John Holian

William Howerton

Mr. Steve Hronek

Mrs. Denise Huck and Mr. Mike Barushke

Earl and Evelyn Hudson, In Memory of Dottie Black

Valerie A. Hughes

Tom and Cheryl Hughey

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley S. Humphrey, Jr.

Wallace D. and Mary Jane Huskonen, In Memory of Nelson Dingman and Daniel S. VanCourt

Rance and Elaine Hutchins

Susan Hyatt

Cheri Ingraham

Dr. and Mrs. Scott R. Inkley

Robert H. and Donna Jackson

Robert H. and Donna Jackson, In Honor of Scott Isquick

Wendy and Neil Jacobson

Dr. Jack W. Jaffe

Mitchell Jamison

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jankowki

Mr. Robert Jefferis and Ms. Diane Mogren

John and Mary Jenkins

James and Marie Jenkins

Amy T. and Phillip P. Jenkins

Tom and Anne Jenkins

Charles K. Jennings and Ryan Walburn

Irving F. and Tigger Jensen, Jr.

Dave Jeresko

Ms. Amy Johnson

Dr. Robert H. and Dr. Hedy J. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Jordan

James J. Juknialis and Becky Morgan

Henri Pell Junod, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kafkakis, In Honor of Robert John Mouritsen

Scott and Janice Kahn

Joseph D. Karpency

Bernie and Nancy Karr

The Katz-Malone Family

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Keener

Betty J. Kemper

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Kendra, In Memory of Robert Mouritsen

Mrs. Amy L. Kenneley, In Honor of the WRHS Library Staff

Robert A. Kenneley

Capt. Kenneth R. Kessler

Heidi Kilbane

Dr. and Mrs. Sam E. Kinney

Dr. and Mrs. L. Stephen Kish

Matt Kissling

Jason Klein

Gary and Nancy Klein

Debra and Kerry Klotzman

Clifford and Arlene Kluge

Mr. Charles Knight

Joseph A. Kocab

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Koelliker, Jr.

Katherine E. and Richard A. Kohl

Andrew and Joan E. Kohn, In Honor of Jim Schoff

Steve K. and Ann K. Sindelar, In Honor of Barbara Thatcher Williams

Ms. Sandra Kolb, In Memory of Barbara Thatcher Williams

Ursula Korneitchouk

Ken Kovach

Terry Kovel, In Honor of Jim Schoff

Terry Kovel

Mr. Michael Krausz and Ms. Constance Costigan

Mr. Bruce A. Kretch

Robert J. and Katherine K. Kretschmann

Susan Kruder

Jerald A. and Julie A. Krueger

Ed and Colleen Kubek

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kuhns

Janice L. and Thomas E. Kundtz

Ewald and Tish Kundtz

Robert and Brenda Kunkel

Eugene Kuntz

William B. La Place

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lafferty

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lafler

Mr. James Lanza

Mr. Joseph Lanza

Dell and Toby Larned, In Memory of Robert Mouritsen

Bonnie D. and Stephen F. Lau

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Lauria

Nancy & Neal Lavelle

Ms. Maryann Leak, In Memory of Barbara Thatcher Williams

Lisa Leaman

Mr. Gary R. Leidich and Ms. Eileen R. Leidich

Ed and Nancy Leinweber

Patricia Leong, In Memory of Mary Sacha

Bracy E. Lewis

Donald E. and Patricia C. Lewis

Valerie Libman and Martha Rodenborn

Mr. Keith Libman

Edward Licht

Edward and Lynn Limbach

Emma Lincoln

Cathy Lincoln

Julia Lipp and Stuart Lipp

Elizabeth L. Littler

Marjorie Loewenthal

Anne R. and Kenneth E. Love

Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Lowenthal

Angie and Scott Lowrie

Mrs. Edward A. Lozick

Mr. Roger Lyman, In Honor of Robert Mouritsen

Kevin and Mo Lynn

Roderick & Linda MacDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Macko

Francis L. and Judith M. Macuga

Dr. Heber MacWilliams

Mr. Robert P. Madison

Mr. Dennis Magnuson

Carlee S. Mahajan and Darshan Mahajan, M.D.

Robert Malloy

Mr. and Mrs. Morton L. Mandel

Timothy and Nicole Mann

Elizabeth and Lane Manning

Polly and Richard T. Marabito

Kenneth S. Marshall

Janet H. Marshall

Leslie and Michael Marting, In Memory of Allan Hodges

Leslie and Michael Marting

Ms. Carol A. Massiello

Mr. Matlock

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Mau

Mary K. Maxson

Tom and Cathy Mayer

Ms. Tamara Mayskaja

Donald McBride, III

William C. McCoy

Robert McDonald and Diane VonBlon

Dr. Timothy McDonel and Mrs. Ruth McDonel

Gerald L. and Joanne C. McGill

John J. McLaren

Marilyn McLaughlin and Thomas McLaughlin

Mr. and Mrs. Ted M. McQuade

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Medlin

Carol K. Meermans

David L. Megraw, In Memory of Charles Megraw

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Meisel

Dr. and Mrs. Marcello Mellino

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Merriman, Jr.

Frank S. Merritt

Bob and Vicki Merzweiler

Glenn A. Metzdorf

Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Meyer, III

Dr. Todd M. Michney

Kristie Miller

Wallace and Cynthia Miller, In Memory of Ann M. Chambers

Malachi and Barbara W. Mixon

Carol and Clay Mock

Ms. Beverly L. Moffet

Mr. David Moncrief

Ms. Madison Monroe, In Memory of Robert John Mouritsen

Helen Mooney

Richard J. and Gloria J. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. George Moresea

Sandra Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Morris

Mr. Donald W. Morrison, In Memory of Allan Hodges

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Morse

Lynn Mouritsen, In Memory of Robert Mouritsen

Chuck and Thea Mozingo

Charles Muckley

Margaret R. Mueller

Dr. and Mrs. James F. Mungo

Mr. and Mrs. Latham W. Murfey III

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Murphy

Ray and Katie Murphy

Ms. Felicia Mutnansky

Hal H. Myers

Joseph and Barbara Nahra

Belleruth K. Naparstek

Rodney L. and Joan Naro

Catherine M. Nasca

Wendy H. Naylor

Deborah L. Neale

Kirk and Lori Neiswander

Dr. and Mrs. David Nelson

Daniel and Lorraine M. Nelson

Mike and Marcia Neundorfer

Ms. Janet Newman

Mr. and Mrs. Vihn Nguyen

Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Nicely

Dr. Don and Rev. Sharon Nichols

Al and Lisa Noe

Sandra S. and Charles P. Norris

Helen Norton

Robert J. Norwick, Jr. and William Norwick

Richard L. Nosse and Amy McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mark Novak

Mr. and Mrs. John Obratil

Barbara O’Connor

Mrs. William F. O’Hearn

James and Susan Ollinger

Ms. Wendy Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Dean O’Malley

Joellen C. O’Neill, In Memory of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Crowley

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Osborne, Jr.

Sarah Ott-Hansen and George McGaughey

Lauren and Sue Pacini

Sue and Jim Paine

Paul H. Pangrace

Libby Panhorst

Richard and Jude Parke

Mrs. George T. Parry

Janice B. and Lewis E. Patterson

Noel and Sarah Pavlovic

William S. and Nynke Peirce

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Percy

Laura M. Peskin

Allan and Barbara Peskin

Kim and Paul Pesses

Kate and Jim Petras

Ms. Katlin Petrow

Samuel R. Petry, II

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Pianka

Frances Pickett, In Memory of Elizabeth Magyar

Richard L. Pinkerton

Lynn Pippenger

Thomas A. Piraino Jr.

Thomas A. Piraino

Albert L. Ploenes

Peter Politzer and Jane S. Murray

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pollock

Kathy Porcen-Robinson and Phillip Robinson

Lee Poseidon

Richard T. Prasse

Susan and Robert Price

John and Norine Prim

Ms. Hannah Prokop

Denise E. Ptak

Judy and John Pyke

Dr. Raymond Rackley and Dr. Carmen F. Rackley

Steven M. and Julia B. Radwany

Lee Rainey

Gary and Judy Rand

Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin, Sr.

Kenneth H. and Barbara J. Rapport

Julie and Peter Raskind, In Honor of Cindy Bruml

John B. Raufus, In Memory of Allan Hodges

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Reeves, Jr.

Mr. James S. Reid, Jr.

Mrs. Hyatt Reitman

Pamela and Charles Reitz

Suzy Remer

Constance E. Renker

Timothy and Jacquelyn Repicky

Tryphena V. Reynolds

Lauren Rich Fine and Gary Giller, In Honor of Grosvie Cooley

Leonard W. and Cynthia M. Ringenbach

Julia S. Robbins

Barbara S. Robinson

Kenneth Robinson

Mr. Scott Roe, In Memory of Robert John Mouritsen

Richard S. Rogers

Christopher and Natalie A. Ronayne

Nelson H. Rose

Charles B. and Carole W. Rosenblatt

Ileen and Irving Rosner

Barbara and Alan Rosskamm

Ms. Betty Rosskamm

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Roth

Christopher Rowell

Mr. and Mrs. James Ruddock

Patricia Ruf, In Memory of Mark Ruf

John E.  Rupert

Lucy D. Russell

Ms. Constance E. Sancetta and Mr. Gerald E. Polizzi

Mary B. Sandberg

Dr. and Mrs. Basar Sareyyupoglv

Rita S. Saslaw

Don and Betsy Saunders

Honorary Consulate of Italy Scaiola-Ziska

Barbara Schaefer

Dr. Edythe Schlossstein

Jim and Anne Schoff

Edwin P. Schrank

Helen M. Schultz

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O. Schultz, In Memory of Bob Mouritsen

Betsy Schumann

Janice and Lee Seabeck

Ms. Nancy Searles

Dr. Shirley Seaton and Mr. Lawrence Seaton

Elizabeth Wade Sedgwick

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver E. Seikel

Antoinette Sexton

William P. Sexton and Linda J. Hickey

Nancy W. Sharp

Norine W. Sharp

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Shaughnessy

Mr. J. Dustin Sheppard

Mary Ann Sheranko

Judith M. and Terrence E. Sheridan

Sol and Edith Sherwin

Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Shockey

Robert F. and Christine M. Shockey

Sanford M. and Eppie R. Shore

Tony Sias

Ruth Sicherman

Mr. Fareed Siddiq, In Memory of Allan Hodges

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Silla

Janet Simonovich

Matt Sinclair

Mrs. Kate Sisson

Tara L. Slater

Michael C. and Mary Anne Slattery

Mrs. Craig R. Smith

Sandra and Richey Smith

Dennis H. and Ethelee Smith

Margaret Terry and Lloyd Snyder

Eileen Sotak and William Kessler

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Spelic

Peter and Heidi Spencer

Kip Sperry, In Memory of the Sperry Family

Marcia Spiro, In Memory of Allan Hodges

Joann K. Spisak

Michael S. Sreshta

Charles and Laura Stack

Karen Carmack Stadler

Rosemary Stagel

David Stahl

Terry Stahurski

David L. Stashower

Barbara Ann Stay

Arna Stennett

Eddie and Colleen Stevens

Elaine Strassburger

Scott G. and Carol P. Strawn

Ralph E. String

Edna D. Strnad

Gail Stroud

Melvin and Sue Stuart, In Memory of Robert Mouritsen

Carolyn Sugiuchi

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Sullivan, Jr.

David and Jan Sunderhaft

Ms. Jessica Sussen

Dennis and Mary Sutcliffe

Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Sveda

Charles E. Sweeny

Mr. and Mrs. Margus Sweigard

Edie and Bill Taft

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Talcott, In Memory of Douglas Sandison

Diane M. Taylor

Kenneth and Martha Taylor

The Hon. Richard Teare, In Memory of Wallace G. Teare

Eric Tengelsen, In Memory of Doris Black

Ivan P. Tewarson

Barbara Thatcher Williams, In Memory of Dorothy Black

Mary and Thomas Thoburn, In Memory of Janice Cope

Mary and Thomas Thoburn

Mr. and Mrs. L. Jack Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas

Ann K. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Thompson

David and Natalie Tilk

Henry and Marty Timman

Scott and Dana Tipton

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Tisdale, In Memory of Mary Sacha

Ms. Diana S. Tittle

Wesley and Arvell M. Toles

Jeffery Tome

Richard and Karen Tomsic

Robert G. Tribby

Gretchen Unico

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. H. Vail, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. H. Vail, Jr.

Ximena Valdes

Chris VanDevere and Amy VanDevere

Dr. and Mrs. Chris A. VanDevere

Mr. and Mrs. Martin VanDevere

Ms. K. J. Vanlinge

Myron and Kimberly Vernis

Paul Vidal

Ms. Kathleen L. Vilas, In Memory of Allan Hodges

Sandra M. Vodanoff

Robert P. Voytas

Mrs. Jephta H. Wade

William M. and Jane G. Clarke-Wadsworth

Mr. Michael H. Walker and Ms. Wendy Wagner

William W. and Linda H. Wallis

Russ and Dori Warren

Mary Warren

Emily F. Warren

Fred and Wilma Watkins

James and Molly Weaver

Jeanne Weeks

Joe A. and Jean Wehrheim

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Weidenthal

Terrence M. Weiler

Francis J. and Maxine Weir

Mrs. Richard C. Weiss

Ms. Barbara G. Welch

Lyle H. and Nancy A. West

Marilyn J. White

Mr. and Mrs. Dickson Whitney, Jr.

Betsey B. Wick

Timothy and Karen Wilcox, In Memory of Robert Mouritsen

Howard A. Williams

Hope and Robert Wismar

Dr. Nancy G. Wolf

Donald and Katie Woodcock

Frank E. Wrenick

Edward and Jane Young

Dianne G. and John W. Young, In Memory of Carolyn Corcoran

Dean and Marci  Zimmerman, In Memory of Allan Hodges

Bob and Irene Zito

Mary Frances Haerr and Kal Zucker


Thank you to the following who gave gifts and grants in support of the WRHS mission.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this donor list. We apologize for any

errors or omissions.

A Taste of Excellence

The Abington Foundation

Acme Fresh Market

Thomas and Joann Adler Family Donor Advised Fund of The Jewish Federation of Cleveland


Akrochem Corporation

Akron Beacon Journal

The Akron Community Foundation

Akron Garden Club

Akron/Summit Convention and Visitors Bureau

Albrecht Family Foundation

Allegheny Foundation, In Memory of Doris O’Donnell

Allstate Insurance Company

Amer Insurance

Anderson International Corp.

The Andrews Foundation

ASI International, Ltd.

Atteboro Management Company, LLC

Ayco Charitable Foundation- McWilliams/Piraino Family Foundation

Balloon Crew, Inc.

Bank One

Bank of America

Bath Community Foundation

Bierce Library

Glenn R. & Alice V. Boggess Foundation

The Bonfoey Company

Boyd Watterson Asset Management LLC

Charles and Helen Brown Memorial Foundation

Eva L. &  Joseph M. Bruening Foundation

Bruml Capital Corp.

BSI Engineering

Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs

Buddie Contracting LTD.

Burkhart & Co

Buyers Products Company

Calfee, Halter & Griswold

Carnegie Companies, Inc.

CBS Radio

The Dorthea Wright Hamilton Fund of The Cleveland Foundation

Cleveland Federation of S.N.P.J. Lodges

Cleveland Institute of Art

Cleveland Jewish News

Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

The Cleveland Play House

Coit Services of Ohio, Inc.

Commercial Interior Resources

The Mary S. & David C. Corbin Foundation

Frederick C. and Kathleen S. Crawford Fund of The Cleveland Foundation

CSX Corporation

Robert R. and Gay C. Cull Family Foundation

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

Cuyahoga Arts and Culture

Designer Walls, Inc.

The Dominion Foundation

Earth Fare

Eaton Corporation

Eaton Charitable Fund

EBSCO Industries, Inc.

EdgePoint Capital Advisors

Farmers National Bank

The Faubel Family Fund of The Cleveland Foundation

Fay Sharpe LLP

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Feth Family Foundation

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

FirstEnergy Foundation

FirstMerit Bank, N.A.

Flashstarts Inc.

Richard Fleischman + Partners Architects, Inc.

Founders & Patriots of America – Ohio Society

Harry K. & Emma R. Fox Charitable Foundation

Earl and Barbara Franklin Jewish Archives CI Endowment Fund of The Jewish Federation of Cleveland

The GAR Foundation

The George Garretson Wade Charitable Trust #2

General Mills Foundation

The George Gund Foundation

The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation

The Giant Eagle Foundation

Giorgi Interior Systems Inc.

Glidden House

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Gould Electronics, Inc.

Great Lakes Brewing Co.

The Bruce and Erica Greer Family Foundation

The Gries Family Foundation

Grog Shop

The Geoffrey Gund Foundation

David B. Guralnik Memorial Fund of The Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP

The Robert E. Hanes Gift Fund

Hartland & Co.

Hawken School

Hawthorn PNC Family Wealth

Home Savings

The Hoover Foundation

The Richard Horvitz and Erica Hartman-Horvitz Foundation

The Thomas Hoyt Jones Family Fund of The Cleveland Foundation

Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc.

IBM Matching Grants Program


Indiana State Library

Infinity Construction Co.

Integrity Parking Systems, LLC

Inter-Colony Book Club

The Intown Club

Lample Family Internship Fund for Jewish Archives of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Gries Charity CI jewish Archives Endowment Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Myers Foundation CI Endeowment Fund for Jewish Archives of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Jewish Archives Fund of The Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Jewish Family Service Association of Cleveland

John Carroll University

JP Morgan Chase Foundation

JumpStart Inc.

Key Bank Foundation

KeyBanc Capital Markets

KeyBank National Association


Keystone Tailored Manufacturing, LLC

Kottler Metal Products, Inc.

The Lake View Cemetery Association

The Laub Foundation

The Lehner Family Foundation Trust

The Edward A. & Catherine L. Lozick Foundation

The Lubrizol Foundation

Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie Memorial Foundation

Magnificat High School, In Memory of Allan Hodges

The Milton and Tamar  Maltz Family Foundation

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation

Bober Markey Fedorovich

The Roberta and Stan Marks Charitable Foundation

Marla & Joseph Shafran Foundation

Mason Mechanical LLC

Mason’s Creamery

The Arthur B. McBride, Sr. Family Foundation

Medical Mutual of Ohio

Stanley and Barbara Meisel II Philanthropic Fund

Paul Mills and Thora J. Mills Memorial Foundation

Laura R. Moffitt & Lucian Q. Moffitt Foundation

Montessori High School

Burton D. Morgan Foundation

Morgan Litho, Inc.

Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation

The Murch Foundation

John P. Murphy Foundation

C. & Katharine M. Musson Charitable Foundation

Mustard Seed Market & Cafe

Myers Foundation CI Endowment Fund for Jewish Archives of The Jewish Federation of Cleveland

NACCO Industries, Inc.

The Neale Foundation

Network for Good

Neundorfer, Inc.

New York Community Bancorp, Inc.

Normandy Party Center

Northeast Ohio Civil War Roundtable

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

The Northern Ohio Italian American Foundation

Ohio CAT

Ohio Awning Manufacturing Co.

Ohio and Erie Canalway Association

Ohio History Connection

Ohio Savings Bank, A Division of New York Community Bank

Old Carolina Barbeque Company, LLC

Orban’s Fruit and Flower

The Gertrude F. Orr Fund of The Akron Community Foundation

Robert O. and Annamae Orr Family Foundation

Paladar Latin Kitchen

The C. Walder Parke Family Foundation

The Payne Fund

Perkins Charitable Foundation

Lynn Pippenger Foundation

Plymouth Search Partners-Signium International

PNC Financial Services Group

PolyOne Corporation

Pysht Fund

Stone Rand Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation

The Reinberger Foundation

Clementine F. Reitman Memorial Fund

Relmec Mechanical LLC.

Ridge Creek Global

Robert J. – Events & Catering

Robinson Family Philanthropic Fund

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Rockwell Automation Corporation

The Richard and Alita Rogers Family Foundation

Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland

Rose Metal Industries, Inc.

RPM International, Inc.

Judah Rubinstein Cleveland Jewish Archives Memorial Fund of The Jewish Federation of Cleveland

The Saint Luke’s Foundation of Cleveland, Ohio

St. Vincent Charity Hospital

Ruth G. and Sam H. Sampliner Fund of The Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Lotte Schreiber Pinkus Memorial Centennial Fund of The Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Schwab Charitable Fund

The Sears-Swetland Family Foundation

The Sedgwick Family Fund Part B2 of The Cleveland Foundation

Sedgwick Family Fund Part B2

SeibertKeck Insurance Agency Incorporated

The Sherwick Fund of The Cleveland Foundation

Sherwin Williams Company

The Sisler McFawn Foundation

Sisters of Notre Dame

Skoda Minotti & Co.

Smart Business

The Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust

Lloyd L. and Louise K. Smith Foundation

Willard E. Smucker Foundation

Spitzer Organization

The Walter K. and Wilda E. Bortz Fund of The Stark Community Foundation

Strassman Insurance Services, Inc.

Studebaker Drivers Club Ohio Region

The Cleveland Foundation

United Way of Summit County

United Way of Greater Cleveland

University School

University Hospital Case Medical Center, In Memory of Mary Sacha

Vanguard Charitable

Vista Color Imaging


Vocational Guidance Services

Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP

Elizabeth Wade Sedgwick 1981 Revocable Trust

Walker & Jocke Co., LPA

The Adolf Weinberger Foundation

Welty Family Foundation

Sally H. Wertheim Jewish Archives Fund of The Jewish Federation

West End Lumber

Westlake Reed Leskosky

The William Bingham Foundation



Zenith Systems, LLC

Ziegler Metzger LLP

ZMYK Productions