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Becoming an Auxiliary member is easy, and has fun perks. Our auxiliary groups work to develop programs, events, and fundraisers to support WRHS. Requirements to join each group vary. Click the auxiliary group you are interested in joining to learn more more about you can become a member today.

Learn about each Auxiliary:


African American Archives Auxiliary
The mission of the African American Archives Auxiliary includes:

  1. Serving as an advocate for collecting and preserving evidence of African American contributions to both local and national history.
  2. Assisting the Society’s staff in the recruitment and selection of archivist(s) for the African American Archives and to encourage African Americans to enter the field of archival administration.
  3. Encouraging broader staff diversity by working directly with the Historical Society in the recruitment and selection of additional supporting staff.
  4. Promoting broad scale appreciation of African American culture and enriching the promise of the nation’s future through knowledge and cooperation.

Citizens of Hale Farm & Village

The mission of the Citizens of Hale Farm & Village includes:

  1. Raise awareness, and stimulate support with the staff at Hale Farm & Village.
  2. Actively support the preservation, restoration & replication of the buildings, landscapes, farms, and more through advocacy, education, programming and fundraising.

Genealogical Committee

The mission of the Genealogical Committee includes:

  1. Further the study of genealogy through meetings, lectures, seminars, workshops and volunteering.
  2. Take part in social events with other committee members.
  3. Gain insightful knowledge about current and emerging research techniques.

Friends of the Cleveland History Center

The mission of the Friends of the Cleveland History Center includes:

  1. Exclusive invites to events and tours.
  2. Special access to curators and collections.
  3. Contribute to the legacy of philanthropic leadership.
  4. Opportunity to shape programming and funding for the renowned collections of WRHS.

A Note About Auxiliary Membership

Becoming a member of a WRHS auxiliary requires an active WRHS Membership, and the payment of yearly dues. These amounts vary by auxiliary. A full list of WRHS Membership benefits can be found here.