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Magic of Memories Programs

Experience incredible moments from the past 100 years in Cleveland with these intriguing programs that highlight the city’s more recent history. These popular one-hour programs include photographs and reproduction artifacts, and welcome audience interaction and sharing of memories.

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Program Fees List
$130 for one program + mileage fee*
$110 per program (for 2 programs or more) + mileage fee*
*Mileage is calculated to and from WRHS History Center to your venue at the standard IRS Business Travel Mileage Reimbursement Rate.

Please note that our prices will change effective July 1, 2015.  Book your program before July 1 to receive 2014-15 pricing.  Pricing for 2015-16 can be found here.

Program Categories:

Remarkable Clevelanders
Cleveland Culture
Holiday Programs

Remarkable Clevelanders 

Eliot Ness’ Cleveland: 
Prohibition, Beer and the Torso Murders
Travel back to the time when Cleveland had bootleggers, speakeasies and unsolved crimes.

Garrett Morgan: Cleveland’s Civic Minded Inventor
Garrett Morgan, the son of former slaves, moved north from the segregated south and went on to become a self-made business man in Cleveland. Hear the story of how his inventions the first safety hood, a breathing apparatus like a gas-mask, and the traffic signal revolutionized public safety in the automobile age.

Cleveland’s Shutterbugs: The Worlds of Louis Van Oeyen and Allen E. Cole
Examine the stories of two prolific photographers who used Cleveland as a backdrop for their visual story-telling. See the stunning photographs that are their legacy.

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Cleveland Culture 

The Golden Age of Shopping in Cleveland 
Which was more glamorous-riding the elevator (with an operator!) or your first few tries on the escalator? Reminisce about Halle Brothers, May Co., Higbee’s and the Sterling Lindner Christmas Tree.

The Most Beautiful Street in the World: Cleveland’s Millionaires’ Row

Known worldwide as the “Most Beautiful Street in the World,” Cleveland’s Euclid Avenue was once the home of the wealthiest families around. Learn about the residents, their homes, and their effect on Cleveland’s industry and philanthropy, plus tales of the literary luminaries, US Presidents and royalty who kept company on Millionaires Row.

Custard, Coasters and Carousels: Remembering Euclid Beach Park 

Who could forget Laughing Sal and Laughing Sam, the Rocket Ships, the Thriller and the beloved Carousel with its 56 horses and 2 chariots? For nearly 70 years, Euclid Beach Park was the scene for memories both fond and frightening.

Fab 50s Cleveland Style: Glorious Sports, Gory Murder, Glamour Girls, & Gas Guzzlers
Re-live 1954, the year the Indians, Browns, and Barons were all in championships. Marilyn Shepard was murdered and Marilyn Monroe was married.

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Holiday Programs  

Christmas in Cleveland
How have yuletide traditions changed over the years in Cleveland? See how Clevelanders celebrated Christmases past, from attending the downtown parade and viewing the spectacular department store window displays, to visiting Mr. Jingeling at the May Co. and shopping at Higbee’s!

Valentine’s Day in Cleveland
Learn about the history of St. Valentine’s Day, experience a local story of true romance between Clevelanders Dawson and Anna Kelly, and remember your own February 14ths of years past. Examine a variety of valentines from the WRHS collection, and reminisce with Valentine’s Day advertisements in up-close power-point slides.

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