Hale Farm & Village Education

InHale Educational Initiative

Hale Farm & Village captures the story of the Hale Family and their 200 year old family farm nestled in the Cuyahoga Valley.

Today, the InHale strategic initiative encourages guests to craft the entrepreneurial spirit, steward a commitment to preserving the cultural landscape and sustain social and financial impact through a hand crafted way of life.

For almost 60 years, guests have come to learn, experience and explore the historic buildings, farm & horticulture and craft & trade venues.
InHale’s mission is to preserve and share the story of the Western Reserve through an experiential learning community that creates a lifetime of social value.

While visiting Hale Farm & Village, each day you’ll be able to catch some InHale experiences such as:

The Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation is a major supporter of the InHale initiative.

2017 Adult InHale Workshops at Hale Farm & Village  (click here)


2018 Youth Educational Experiences at Hale Farm & Village

These place-based education programs include primary source documents, artifacts, historic gardens and structures, farm animals and extensive activities that align with Ohio’s  Learning Standards. To make your reservation today contact us: 330.666.3711 x1720 or halereservations@wrhs.org.


Maple Sugar Festival
March (selected dates)
Grades Pre K—12; $6 per student

• Travel into the Sugar Bush where three generations of the Hale Family collected sap for maple sugar
• Compare and contrast Sugar Camps of American Indians and early Pioneers of Ohio while exploring the role of sugaring in the local community
• Interactive lessons include: methods used to produce maple sugar and syrup; collecting sap; and the technology used to boil the sap into sugar
• Includes many of the same amazing learning experiences as Kids in Communities From Long Ago


Kids in Communities from Long Ago
September, October, November, April, & May
Grades K-6; $6 per student

• Discover how families lived, played, and worked in the Western Reserve
• Explores the roles kids played in family and community life
• Interactive lessons include:  wants vs. needs; early Ohio map interpretation; log cabin exploration; farm chores; school lessons; and interactive demonstrations of historic Crafts and Trades

Roots of Entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio
Made possible by generous support from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation
October, November, April, & May

Grades 3 and up; $6 per student

• Explores the historical foundations and fundamental concepts of economics and community growth
• Engages students to determine the resources necessary to meet basic needs, produce items for sale, provide services, and participate in the marketplace for profit
• Interactive lessons include the connections between village producers, providers of services, sellers and consumers
• Visit the blacksmith, broom maker, candle maker, dairy farmer, glassblower, shopkeeper, spinner, or teacher and more



Summer Self-Guided Tour of Hale Farm & Village
June, July, & August
Grades Pre K—12; $5 per child

• Provides an overview of life in Ohio during the 1800s
• Visit four thematic units: Pioneer Life; Early American Crafts & Trades; Village Life; and The Farmyard
• Interactive lessons at each historical site allow students to explore the regional traditions of Northeast Ohio and the evolution of the State of Ohio and its people

Harvest Festival
Early October (selected dates)
Grades Pre K-12; $6 per student

• Discover harvest traditions of communities long ago
• Experience the beauty of the changing seasons in the Cuyahoga Valley
• Interactive lessons include: food preservation (apple cider pressing and making apple butter); visiting the orchard, pumpkin patch and corn field; winter warmth from wool
• Includes many of the same amazing learning experiences as Kids in Communities From Long Ago


Holiday Lantern Tours
December (Evening Program)
Grades K and up; $12 per student

• Celebrate the Christmas season in the 19th century
• Stroll through the historic village on a 90-minute lantern lit journey
• Interact with the village residents as they celebrate the holidays and share their seasonal tradition