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Over 50,000 students, pre-K through high school, experience WRHS programming throughout the school year. Our mission is to enable students to actively place themselves in the past, accurately visualize life at a different time, and through critical thinking, connect that past to their own present in a meaningful way. Using our properties and collections, we connect to content standards and tie students’ learning directly to Northeast Ohio!  


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Featured School Experience

Citizens Leadership Academy Visits WRHS Research Library

On November 17, 2016, students from Citizens Leadership Academy (CLA) visited the Cleveland History Center to explore the the WRHS archives.  As part of a case study on post-Reconstruction US History, students were tasked with exploring the evolution of entrepreneurship and industry over time, with a particular focus on the Cleveland area.  At the Cleveland History Center, students examined the A Stitch in Time exhibit and visited the Research Library, where they utilized primary sources such as maps, photographs, and manuscripts to learn about Cleveland’s rich industrial history.

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Partners in Education

The Western Reserve Historical Society works with great educational partners to make history come alive at both the History Center and Hale Farm & Village. These dedicated partners work to ensure that their students and staff get the most out of their in-class and off-site interactions with WRHS.