Women and Politics

This new exhibit will open May, 22 2020.

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Women and Politics continues the transformation of the Cleveland History Center and delivers on the WRHS promise to be the first stop for exploring the American experience in Northeast Ohio. The new exhibit will inspire pride and forge a sense of community that catapults the stories of this region to a national audience.

Getting The Vote

Presented by WRHS in collaboration with the League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland, Women and Politics will trace the story of political women, exploring the early days of the suffragist movement, the successful fight for the 19th Amendment, the birth and growth of the League of Women Voters as a force for clean government and the election of northern Ohio women to positions of power on the local, state and national levels.

Keeping The Vote

Women and Politics will be accompanied by a series of programs for schoolchildren and general audiences. Its presentation in an election year will significantly boost its appeal to a wide public audience. Throughout WRHS, in both permanent and temporary exhibits, special attention will be given to stories, images and artifacts that present new perspectives about the roles women played in shaping our history. Exhibits on commerce, industry, fashion, and even the auto world will all highlight the impact women have had in so many areas.

Using The Vote

The experiences and contributions of women, African Americans, and immigrants are a focus of the Cleveland History Center, and are core to the Empowerment theme that defines and unifies the experience.

WRHS will also serve as the Regional Coordinator for the State of Ohio Women Suffrage Centennial organized by the Ohio History Connection, the historical society for the State of Ohio.

Supported by PNC and the League of Women Voters