The Soul of Philanthropy




The Soul of Philanthropy (TSOP) reframes portraits of philanthropy. It comprises highly innovative presentations of over a dozen vignette stories and more than 50 black-and-white images. Created by Valaida Fullwood and photographer Charles W. Thomas, the exhibition conjures philanthropic musings across generations.

A robust offering of talks, panel discussions and public forums accompany the exhibition. It allows groups to explore a broad range of topics igniting a movement of conscious philanthropy by empowering a generation of Americans to recognize their power and responsibility to give back.

Celebrate Those Who Give Black

TSOPCLE exhibition, Celebrate Those Who Give Black, will present a collection of historic and contemporary stories and images about Black philanthropy in our region. The Celebrate Those Who Give Black exhibit will remain on display after the national TSOP exhibition. This inaugural Cleveland exhibition is designed to tell the story of Black philanthropy in Cleveland by honoring the past, celebrating the present and inspiring the future. We will enlist the community to nominate emerging philanthropists, young philanthropists, and hidden philanthropists. Through the many faces and stories of community generosity, we celebrate those who give Black.

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