Kidzibits Hands-on Gallery

The Kidzibits Hands-on Gallery at the WRHS Cleveland History Center inspires our young visitors, from pre-school through age 9, to explore and experience history. Adults will find something for them as well – so bring the whole family! Entry to Kidzibits is included with general museum admission (which is always FREE for WRHS members!).

Kidzibits’ Time and Space Place (ages 6 to 9)

EDUCTime and Place Space delves into activities to discover how our clothes, cooking, travel and more have changed over time. Kids can cook over a fire, hearth, range, and microwave oven. They can explore traveling via horse, carriage, car, and plane. They can also feel the changes in fabrics from long ago to today. All activities encourage intergenerational conversations about the past and how it shapes the future.



In the Backyard of History (

In the Backyard of History, children can dress in historic clothes, do a little shopping at our recreated West Side Market, or build Cleveland’s skyline. They can also learn how to create a family tree, give puppet shows and play with old-fashioned toys.

Kidzibits Family Education Center is open during regular WRHS Cleveland History Center hours.

Online Kidzibits:

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Make a Family Tree!
Make a Family History Book!
Paper Dolls
Read a Storybook with Us!