Chief Wahoo Exhibit

Chief Wahoo – Municipal Stadium

Chief WahooChief Wahoo, a larger-than-life feature of the WRHS Reinberger gallery, appears in full light once again thanks to the generosity of interested Indians fans committed to the preservation of Cleveland baseball memorabilia.

The 28-foot-high logo of the Cleveland Indians, as wide as he is tall, was donated to WRHS in 1994 when the team moved from Municipal Stadium to (then) Jacobs Field. Brilliant Sign Company of Cleveland made and installed the huge Wahoo above Municipal’s Gate D in 1962. Many recognize it from the opening scenes of the film Major League, as the shot pans the stadium.

Some people then, and now, criticize the team for using this caricatured logo, but it is undoubtedly part of Cleveland’s history and current culture. Most recently, the sign was the focus of an ESPN story on the controversy around the logo. You can see the featured photo and read the article by clicking here.

Indians fans, including the WRHS Women’s Advisory Council, raised funds to restore and install Wahoo in the WRHS facility in University Circle in 1994. About two years ago, Wahoo’s face dimmed; the lights illuminating his oversized head had gone out. Our thanks to the latest fans who stepped up to the plate (and wish to remain anonymous) for providing the $1,500 to keep Wahoo in shape.