Women’s History in Northeast Ohio

Women’s History in Northeast Ohio

Let Ohio Women Vote

In 1912, Cornelia Cassidy Davis (1870-1920) was awarded the prize for the best suffrage poster by the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association.

Failure is Impossible

“Failure is Impossible” is a  film about the history of women’s suffrage, a Western Reserve Historical Society (WRHS) and TELOS production.

“Failure is Impossible” accompanies the virtual exhibit, Women and Politics | Empowered to Vote, Empowered to Lead, sponsored by PNC. The film profiles past and present heroes of Women’s Rights and is designed to be an informative aspirational message to the next generation of Women’s Rights warriors.

Barbara Plummer

Everyone will remember Miss Barbara and her Magic Mirror!

Chrysler’s Female Designers

Cleveland Institute of Art graduates are paving the way for female automotive designers.

Bertha Benz

The 12-hour, 60-mile road trip that set the world in motion.

Florence Boswell

“If a woman has use for a car, she buys one and learns to drive it. I bought an airplane and learned to fly it, because I had use for it.”

The Humphrey Women

A look into the family that operated Euclid Beach Park.

Adella Prentiss Hughes

In a time when too much education was viewed as a danger for women, Adella Prentiss Hughes pushed forward.

Rebecca Rouse

Original organizer of the Ladies’ Aid Society, which was later renamed the Soldiers’ Aid Society and was a precursor to the American Red Cross.