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The Market and Me

Where is the market? The 1845 General Store, the 1827 Green-Grocer’s Market, or the 1810 Oxcart “Market on the Move” may not resemble modern places where people come together to exchange goods and services, but through the stories of the early settlers we learn how people in communities connect through the marketplace. Learn how a growing population, rich natural resources, innovations in transportation and the spark of a creative community gave this region a strong start.

The Roots of Entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio

Roots of Entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio looks at the work and livelihoods of the pioneers of the Western Reserve and how resources were used to build the communities and businesses we see today. Students learn entrepreneurial basics firsthand, planting seeds of the power of entrepreneurship. Essential questions: What skills can I learn to grow a business? What difference will I make in my world through the work that I do?


Meet an Entrepreneur video lesson
Travel back in time to hear the stories of pioneering entrepreneurs of the Western Reserve!

  • Video lesson: Meet the General Store Shop Keeper
  • Video lesson: Meet the Broom Maker
  • Video lesson: Meet the School Teacher
  • Activity: Albert Ruger Lithograph
  • Activity: How Do We Know What We Know? Primary and Secondary Sources

YEE Resources for Teachers

Teacher Takeover

If you are already meeting remotely with the students in your classroom, consider inviting a guest teacher to add interest to your lessons in Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Financial Literacy. These live experiences are developed with Zoom or other web meetings in mind, to add a new perspective to online instruction. For more information or for scheduling information, please contact Lisa Pettry,

1840 General Store Shopkeeper: Hear the story of the General Store shopkeeper in the 19th century rural village. What do entrepreneurs think about? The General store shopkeeper finds out what people want and need and works to provide it. Entrepreneurs solve problems and help make communities strong.

1840 Broom Maker: How does the broom maker spend their days? Organizing productive resources, surveying the market, and creating a product people want. And making brooms, of course! Learn how our 19th century broom maker turned a craft into a business.

1840 School Teacher: Time for class! What lessons are best for entrepreneurs-in-the-making? Beyond the three Rs, Our school teacher instructs the scholars in the importance of planning, organizing, and communication.


Educator Professional Development Webinar: Material Culture and the Story of Us

Use the stuff of daily life to connect your students to the past! Explore the way people lived throughout American history to root their understanding in real experiences. Activate schema for high-interest lessons across content areas while considering how clothing, food, manners, and play help us understand and remember. PDF resources provided.
For more information or for scheduling information, please contact Lisa Pettry,


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