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Tinkerbelle: Exploring a BIG World in a LITTLE Space

In 1965, Clevelander Robert Manry realized his lifelong dream and completed an amazing journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Learn more about his adventure and the Tinkerbelle sailboat in this educational video!

Download the supplemental materials for this video here: Manry’s Packing List | How to Make a Paper Boat

Moses Cleaveland & His Map Makers

Explore the journey that Moses Cleaveland and his group of map makers set out for in 1796. Learn how this group worked together to cross 500 miles to get to the new Connecticut Western Reserve and found the city of Cleveland!

Download the supplemental materials for this video here: Basic Map | Map Coloring Sheet | Activity: Pack Your Wagon

Immigration in Cleveland

Explore the history of immigration in Cleveland since 1820. Continue the learning at home by investigating the story of the O’Brien family, Irish immigrants to Cleveland in the 1840s. Look through the primary sources provided below to find the answers to the questions on the Immigration Investigation Worksheet. Once you’ve learned their story, think about creative ways to share it with your family!

Download the supplemental materials for this video here: Immigration Investigation Worksheet | Four-Generation Family Tree | Granny Stewart’s Scone Recipe | Irishtown Bend | Journey to America | Letters from Michael | Map of the Irish Potato Famine | No Irish Need Apply Ad

More videos are being added on a regular basis, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates!