Crime in Cleveland

Crime in Cleveland

Mrs. Cassie Chadwick

VIDEO: Crime in Cleveland | Mrs. Cassie Chadwick

Explore the colorful story of famed con artist Cassie Chadwick, a Cleveland criminal who gained nationwide notoriety during her time living among the city’s wealthy elite on Millionaires’ Row.

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Take a deeper dive into the life and criminal career of the lady once known as the “Queen of Ohio.”

Velma West

VIDEO: Crime in Cleveland | Velma West

Hear the scandalous tale of the beautiful young flapper whose brutal crime rocked the city of Cleveland in the mid-1920s.

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Learn more about the shocking circumstances of Velma West’s crime, arrest, and imprisonment.

Dr. Sam Sheppard

VIDEO: Crime in Cleveland | Sam Sheppard

In the summer of 1954, Dr. Sam Sheppard was arrested for the murder of his wife, but as the world would soon find out, there was much more to this case than met the eye. Did Dr. Sheppard murder his wife? If he didn’t, who did? Join Education & Public Programs Manager Whitney Stalnaker for an overview of this perplexing unsolved mystery that has haunted Cleveland for almost 67 years.

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Explore the details of this Cleveland trial that drew national media attention.

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