Cleveland Activism 2020

Make Your Voice Heard

Since 1971, the African American Archives Auxiliary of the Western Reserve Historical Society  (WRHS) has supported the collection, cataloging, promotion, and preservation of the history and heritage of African Americans in Northeast Ohio and throughout the United States.

We invite you to share stories about Black life, culture, and consciousness in this historical moment, as the nation grapples with what the New York Times has described as the “parallel plagues ravaging America: the coronavirus and police killings of black men and women.”

As the 50th anniversary of AAAA approaches, we are committed to spending more time listening to and learning from our fellow citizens, working to further community awareness of regional history, and sponsoring programs and special events that are consistent with our mission.

In line with our mission to tell your stories, we are interested in collecting photographs, correspondence, journals, artowrk, music, and poetry,  anything that shows how you, your family, or your neighbors are responding to the challenges of these ongoing crises.

The materials you share will become a part of the collections of Western Reserve Historical Society.

Please be advised if you have any questions or concerns about your submission, or about any restrictions on the use of your submission please contact Patrice Hamiter at

Please follow this link to review the full WRHS gift agreement.

Experiencing History: Collecting Materials Related to Cleveland Activism in 2020
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Thank You for Sharing Your Story