The Three Arts Club of Lakewood | 2020 100 Year Club Inductee

The Three Arts Club of Lakewood was formed on June 17, 1919 by nine ladies dedicated to furthering interest in and enjoyment of the arts.  Mrs. E. H. Fishman was the first president with Mrs. George H. Brown as vice president.  Active Members gave recitals and Associate Members opened their homes and provided tea.  Dues were $3 per year.  In 1922 recitals moved to the Clifton Club.  In 1942 a destructive fire there destroyed our two 2 grand pianos.   Meetings were held at The Lake Shore Hotel and Higbee’s until the Clifton Club reopened in 1951 with our new Steinway Grand piano, still in use today, making its debut in January. 

A scholarship loan fund helped students from 1933 through 1980. In 1981 scholarship grants funded by member donations, bequests, and interest from invested funds replaced loans.  Auditions are held each June, with high school graduates and undergraduate college students competing for scholarships.  Each spring several winners perform for Club members.  To date,  we are pleased to have helped 260 talented students.

The Club is well known in Northeastern Ohio. Many of our scholarship winners have risen to importance in Cleveland and nationally.  Sean Gabriel, a 1981 winner, is now the principal flautist with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony and Blue Water Chamber Orchestra and returns to judge our competitions. Some winners compose music for stage and screen; sing in opera companies; play in orchestras; and perform in theater and television. Others further the arts by teaching in universities, public and private schools.  

Tea recitals continue at the Clifton Club from October through May with  Active members and guests performing.  The Covid 19 caused a disruption in 2020.  Current President Mrs. Viv Bowditch, Vice President, Mrs. Nancy Calcott, and Members, look forward to resuming activities that continue our dedication to the Arts.