Fincun-Mancini, Inc. | 2020 100 Year Club Inductee

In 1906, James A. Newkirk, known as the dean of Cleveland court reporters, founded the firm known today as Fincun-Mancini.  Mr. Newkirk was an associate and personal friend of President Warren Harding and transcribed his speeches during his campaign.

Since its founding in Cleveland in 1906, Fincun-Mancini has been an industry leader in court reporting.   Newkirk, together with Martin Fincun, established a firm with a legendary reputation for excellence.  Becoming a staple in Cleveland’s litigation community, word spread of Mr. Fincun’s expertise.  His expert reporting skill, as well as his profound organizational skills garnered Mr. Fincun’s firm in high demand.   Under his leadership, Fincun provided a team to produce an exceptional product and provided services locally as well as nationally. 

In 1944, Mr. Newkirk retired and in 1947, newcomer Sue Mancini joined Mr. Fincun’s exemplary team of reporters and transcribers.   Under his leadership, she quickly mastered the excellence Mr. Fincun had become renowned for, and together they worked on many high-profile assignments both domestically and abroad, taking their skills all over the United States, Italy and even Japan.  Awards and recognition from the Associated Stenotypists of America and National Court Reporters Association have been given to Mr. Fincun and Ms. Mancini during the span of their careers and gained them notoriety in the world of court reporting.   Upon his death in 1974, Mancini became owner of the firm and subsequently a Fellow of NCRA in 1980.  

With the direction of Ms. Mancini, Fincun-Mancini continued to flourish as a new century was being ushered in.  Throughout the late 1970’s, the firm developed a known expertise for legal videotape recording and was the first in northern Ohio to offer this service.  The firm expanded in 2001 with the acquisition of Flowers, Versagi and Campbell and again in 2012, acquiring Kate Foxx Reporting of Mentor, Ohio.   

Technology and trends continually shape the makeup of a successful court reporting firm, and the 21st century has provided many avenues to continue to provide nothing short of perfection.  With digital court reporting and remote depositions being almost a necessity today, Fincun-Mancini is the firm to look to for all litigation services.  Still today, as it was over 100 years ago, Fincun-Mancini remains The Court Reporters of Cleveland, Ohio and beyond.