Staff & Board

Executive Office

Kelly Falcone-Hall, Chief Executive Officer
Lisa Leaman, Vice President
Hilary Frank Beatrez, Chief Financial Officer
John Grabowski, PhD., Senior Vice President, Research & Publications; Krieger Mueller Historian

WRHS Leadership

Catherine Sterle, Stand-In Director, Hale Farm & Village

Angie Lowrie, Director, Cleveland History Center
Glenn Anderson, Jr., Senior Vice President Advancement
Emily Poznako, Assistant to the CEO

Board of Directors

Officers/Executive Committee:
Peter Kelley, Chair of the Board
Cynthia G. Bruml, Vice Chair of the Board
Gary M. Small, Vice Chair of the Board
David Stahl, Vice Chair of the Board
Wendy Hoge Naylor, Board Secretary
Anthony J. Constantine, CPA, Board Treasurer
Gregory R. Bean, Immediate Past Chair of the Board

Speaker William G. Batchelder III
Kevin R. Callahan
Carolyn E. Cheverine
Donald J. Dailey
Lillian Emmons
Cindy S. Flynn
Gina Hamister
Edith F. Hirsch
Robert H. Jackson
Betty J. Kemper
Terry H. Kovel
Roderick MacDonald
Lee Poseidon
John W. Thompson
Thomas V. H. Vail Jr.
Myron T. Vernis

Kelly Falcone-Hall, WRHS President & CEO

Lifetime Directors:
Gary S. Adams
Douglas N. Barr
Allen H. Ford
Henri Pell Junod, Jr.
Stanley C. Pace
James A. Schoff
Shirley Smith Seaton