Executive Office

Kelly Falcone-Hall, Chief Executive Officer
Emily Poznako, Assistant to the CEO
Lisa Leaman, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Finance & Administration

Hilary Frank Beatrez, Chief Financial Officer
Richard Arlesic, Vice President, Facilities & Services
Jennifer Pinkston Dukes, Computer Systems Administrator
Thomas Verbosky, Business Manager
Janet Waterman, Human Resources Associate

Research & Publications

John Grabowski, PhD., Senior Vice President, Research & Publications; Krieger Mueller Historian

Cleveland History Center

Angie Lowrie, Director
Jackie Nachman, Sales Manager
Lauren R. Welch, Marketing Manager

Susan Hall, Director, Community Relations
Edward J. Pershey, PhD., Vice President, Museum Special Projects & Exhibits

Danielle Peck, Senior Registrar

Eric Rivet, Curator of Collections and Exhibits

Patty Edmonson, Museum Advisory Council Curator of Costume and Textiles
Ronald Boals, Crawford Collections & Volunteer Coordinator

Margaret Roulett, Archives & Special Collections Manager

Pamela Dorazio-Dean, Associate Curator of Italian American History
Sean Martin, PhD., Associate Curator of Jewish American History

Robert Suriano, Corporate & Philanthropic History Archivist
Lori Smith, Education & Public Programs Manager
Whitney Stalnaker, Program Coordinator
Chad Malkamaki, Lead Interpreter
Alayna Moreman, Entrepreneurship Education Coordinator
Steve Eigsti, Region 3 History Day Associate; Museum Educator
George Michaels Carousel Operator
John Frato, Carousel Volunteer and Training Coordinator
Maggie Mondello, Lead Educator
Cassandra Moran, Museum Educator
Heather Robinson-Mooney, Museum Educator

Hope Kemper Hellwig, Museum Educator

Gretchen Unico, Museum Educator

Katie O’Malley, Museum Educator

Ruth Farmakidis, Museum Educator

Katryn Duly, Museum Educator

Sarah Anderson, Museum Educator
Robyn Marcs, Museum Interpreter
Mark Tryon, Museum Interpreter
Steve Misencik, Museum Interpreter
Jenna Thomas, Museum Interpreter

Ian Stein, Museum Interpreter

Katie Karrick, Museum Interpreter

Roy Wessinger, Museum Interpreter

Pat Nickols, Group Sales Lead

Stephanie Nickols, Sales Associate
Lauren Nickols, Sales Associate
Gail Arnold, Sales Associate
Barb Cercone, Sales Associate-Membership
Deanna Smith, Sales Lead
Angela Wintermute, Sales Associate

Research Library

Tim Beatty, Manuscript Processor
Vicki Catozza, Reference Assistant
George Cooper III, Library Page
Colleen Fedewa, Cataloger/Digitzation Specialist
Hannah Kemp-Severence, Manuscript Processing Supervisor
Ann Sindelar, Reference Supervisor


Timothy Mann, Vice President, Development
Abby Curtin Teare, Grants Manager
Dominic Duda, Development Coordinator

Hale Farm & Village

Jason Klein, Director, Hale Farm & Village

Lisa Pettry, Education & Public Programs Manager

Andrew Hauser, Education Program Coordinator
Catherine Sterle, Director, Sales & Marketing
Johanna Kloostra, Rentals Manager
Sherri Wesner, Agricultural Program Manager
Angela Broholm, Business Manager

Courtney Moles, Development Manager

Museum Educators

Ben Arrington
Virgil Arrington
Lucas DuJardin
Tom Edgar
Kirsten Fitzgerald
Lauren Fowkes
Tim Fuller
Jeff Jones
Devon Kahl
John Kametz
Rosemary Kinsworthy
Jenna Langa
Andrew Lusher
Jesse McMahon
Ron Meyer
Becky Monegan
Caty Petersilge
Annie Rall
Marty Reisig
Courtney Richardson
Beth Robb
Alysha Schall
Jim Schilling
Joe Skonce
Megan Smeznik
Cassie Smith
Matt Stockhaus
Elliott Strom
Jessica Whelan


Debbie Cooper
Sophie Curtis
Henry Goldring
Julie Kurtz
Becca McCarthy
Debbie Mitchell
Chris Smith