Current Opportunities

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Museum Educator, Hale Farm & Village

RESPONSIBILITY: Responsible to the Education & Public Program Manager
CLASSIFICATION: Part time, seasonal, non-exempt from overtime
COORDINATION: Works closely with the Education & Public Program Manager to provide quality educational programs for youth, school groups, and other visitors of all ages. Activities contribute to the museum’s retail, facility rental, group tours, agricultural, craft and trade and preservation programs.

1. Works directly with school groups, youth and the general public, facilitating hands-on educational programming at Hale Farm & Village and at outreach locations, including but not limited to school locations.
2. Meets, greets, and checks in groups before the assigned time for their education program.
3. Reads and researches, independently and as assigned, in preparation for teaching all of the programs offered through the Education Department.
4. Prepares and maintains the materials used in the in the demonstration and production of assigned areas, as well as for educational programs, including site set-up, clean-up and assigned general maintenance duties.
5. Participates in the evaluation of programs and provides feedback in a timely and professional manner.
6. May be asked to help with the development of new program content and methodologies, partnerships, training of new staff, interns and/or volunteers.
7. Demonstrates additional rural life activities and chores as appropriate to advancing public understanding about farm life in the 19th century Western Reserve, and its relevance today.
8. Participates in special events sponsored by or at Hale Farm & Village, including mandatory attendance for select Hale Farm signature events.
9. Accountable to the Education & Public Program Manager for authentic, thorough, and engaging presentations to all audiences. This includes but is not necessarily limited to authenticity of dress/appearance, program materials and props, as well as the cleanliness and safety of assigned sites.
10. As appropriate, may demonstrate the process and lead educational experiences, including workshops, for a variety of historic crafts & trades or domestic skills specific to early- to mid-19th century rural life, which may include but not be limited to candle making, broom making, spinning, weaving, pottery, and hearth or wood stove cooking.
11. As assigned, contribute to production of 19th century craft items, which may include by not be limited to candles, brooms, handspun yarn, and handwoven pieces for sale in the museum store.
12. Accepts other duties as may be assigned by the Education & Public Program Manager.

1. Have a desire to teach and work with guests of all ages, including youth;
2. Have the ability to work with a wide range of museum personnel, to work independently, but willingly function as a member of a team;
3. The ability to prioritize, but while also exhibiting flexibility to accommodate changing conditions and needs;
4. The ability to exhibit tact, enthusiasm, and professional behavior;
5. Dependable and reliable approach to tasks, including remaining on schedule and managing time;
6. Possession of knowledge of American and Western Reserve history;
7. Experience in a historic craft & trade area, or arts training and experience in a related area, or the willingness to be trained in new skills as needed;
8. Be physically able to accomplish routine program tasks, or crafts & trades production and demonstration tasks throughout seasonal conditions.
9. Training or experience in education is helpful, preferably having an undergraduate degree in social studies, social sciences, humanities, or education; teaching experience in the K-12 range of grades or experience in a museum or youth educational program is beneficial.

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to Jennifer Dukes,HR Manager at jdukes@wrhs.org.

Retail Sales Manager, Hale Farm & Village

RESPONSIBILITY: Responsible to the Director of Sales & Marketing of Hale Farm & Village for overseeing Retail earned income activities at Hale Farm & Village and for the operations of the Gatehouse Visitor Center. Earned income areas include, but are not limited to, admission/ticket sales, retail and wholesale sales in the MarketPlace, ecommerce, and Hale Café..

CLASSIFICATION: This position is classified as full-time, professional, and the incumbent is exempt from overtime compensation. Hours and schedule will change seasonally for accommodate museum operations. Weekends are required.

SUPERVISION: Hale Farm and Village Sales/Admissions team, Hale Café staff, as well as volunteers and/or interns.

COORDINATION: Coordinates closely with the Hale Farm & Village Director of Sales & Marketing and as needed with the Education & Public Programs Manager to develop/maintain sales and merchandise inventory strategies. Coordinate with Director of Sales & Marketing for day-to-day operations, as well as, development and maintenance of the MarketPlace, Ecommerce site, Hale Café, and special events. Coordinate financial reporting and administrative support with the HFV / WRHS Business Office. Contributes to and participates in collaborative efforts between HFV MarketPlace/admissions and other WRHS departments and sites. Offers ideas and suggestions for expanding and unifying sales efforts across the institution. Supports income generation initiatives by identifying and recommending programs and activities based on the strengths of the department that will contribute to the fiscal success of WRHS.


Retail & Wholesale Sales
Objective: Grow HFV retail revenue by providing guests with a unique shopping experience both onsite and web-based where they discover one of a kind HFV hand-made artisan pieces and a variety of historically inspired, Made in Ohio, and quality museum merchandise


1. Maintain a flow of product and merchandise to support level of sales
2. Responsible for daily closing reports, procedures and receipts
3. Manage and administer the point of sale system for HFV, consistent with WRHS guidelines
3. Assist the Director of Sales and Marketing in developing and acts as manager and administer for the ecommerce HFV sales site.
4. Implements an effective visual presentation of product and merchandise both onsite and web-based.
5. Supports and contributes ideas and information to the HFV section of the WRHS and ecommerce web site as it relates to admissions and retail sales.
6. Maintains the highest level of customer service
7. Supports all WRHS Membership programs
8. Maintain, develop and train an efficient, dedicated sales team
9. Manage and perform all admission functions and supervise admission staff.
10. Control retail and wholesale store operating expenses and complies with WRHS accounting systems and procedures.

Food Service
1. Direct all HFV revenue initiatives for in house and/or contracted food service providers in coordination with the HFV Director and Director of Sales and Marketing.
2. Maintains Hale Café area in to county health code standards and Serve Safe Standards.
3. Assists with organizing all HFV related preferred caterer or food vendor details for special events

1. Job-related skills include, but are not limited to initiative, goal orientation, creativity, and communication. Ability to walk/stand for long periods of time is necessary. Ability to manage time effectively is critical, and ability to thrive within a team environment is essential.
2. Bachelor’s Degree required; Degree in Sales, Marketing, Hospitality, American History or a related field preferred, but not necessarily required.
3. Minimum three years of previous retail sales experience required experience in a museum and/or a non-profit retail operation desirable, but not necessarily required. Ecommerce website experience and maintenance preferred.
4. Experience working with the public required
5. Essential personality traits include enthusiasm, dependability, flexibility, integrity.
6. Qualified candidates must subscribe to the highest levels of customer service

To apply please send your cover letter and resume to Jennifer Dukes, HR Manager, at jdukes@wrhs.org


Rental Event Staff – Lead, Hale Farm & Village

RESPONSIBILITY: This position is responsible to the Rentals Manager at Hale Farm and Village

CLASSIFICATION: Part time, non-exempt from overtime

SUPERVISION: Rental Event Staff

This is a part time customer service/security/maintenance position. Working in conjunction with part-time Hale Farm and Village staff, employee is responsible for ensuring the rental customer needs are met and that rental customers have a safe and fun experience at HFV. They are to physically help with set up of tables and chairs/benches to accurately provide the set up for the customer. Employee is the last to leave the site ensuring that all buildings utilized for any given event are cleaned, locked and secured. Employee is to conduct site visits to potential clients during evening hours and weekends. Employee is to assemble sales literature for distribution. Meet and engage with bridal parties to ensure photography sessions stay on time and museum rules are followed during wedding day festivities.

1. Oversee other rental event staff during the rental event.

2. Protect the collection, premises, employees and visitors against fire, theft, vandalism and other dangers that might result in injury, damage or loss.

3. Conduct regular inspections of the premises. Ensure trash and debris are collected regularly. Inspect restrooms and stock throughout event.

4. Open & close the facilities; responsible for facility keys.

5. Inventory of alcohol at the conclusion of the event in coordination with caterer and/or rental client.

6. Complete site checklists

7. Set-up and take down of tables and banquet furniture

8. Restroom maintenance.

9. Ensure visitors remain in appropriate rented areas.

10. Remain alert while on duty and to be aware of the activities within the designated post. Be prepared to do other duties as assigned.

11. Maintain confidentiality within the department

12. May be assigned other tasks necessary to assure the operational function of Hale Farm & Village

1. Experience with customer service
2. Pleasant manner, observant, tactful, tolerant, honest, alert and neat
3. Conscientious in following regulations and instruction from higher authority
4. Comfortable speaking publicly
5. Ability to lift 50 pounds
6. Must be able to sit or stand for extended periods of time
7. Must be able to do light duty cleaning
8. Experience with inventory
9. Event/banquet experience a plus
10. Candidate must not be convicted of any felony or misdemeanor involving any crime of dishonesty, breach of trust, theft, violence or substance abuse

Various weekends and evenings, times depend on rental schedule.
Typically evening rentals are 2pm to 12am

To apply please send your cover letter and resume to Jennifer Dukes, HR Manager, at jdukes@wrhs.org


Part-Time Museum Gift Shop Sales Associate, Cleveland History Center

RESPONSIBILITY: Responsible to the Sales Manager for the operations of the retail store including front line sales and customer service, membership and admission, merchandise presentation, and profitability.

CLASSIFICATION: Part-time; non-exempt from overtime compensation


COORDINATION: Coordinates with the Sales Manager to carry out daily store and admissions operations.

RESPONSIBILITY: Providing competent and adequate coverage for the Museum Store and Admissions Desk, including opening and closing responsibilities.


  1. Greet every guest as they enter the store
  2. Open and close store/admissions as trained
  3. Accurately record all transactions on the point-of-sale system
  4. Keep Sales Manager apprised of merchandise stock levels through spot inventory checks
  5. Assist customers with merchandise selections and/or information on exhibits and events
  6. Promote and sell memberships
  7. Fill mail, web, and phone orders
  8. Keep store area clean and stocked
  9. Assist with physical inventory
  10. Maintain Core Performance Standards:
    1. Commit to a regular schedule
    2. Follow dress code and other codes of conduct as explained in the WRHS employee handbook
  11. Effectively communicate and assist, as needed, with special events
  12. Stay alert at all times to prevent damage and theft
  13. Support income generation initiatives by identifying and recommending programs and activities based on the strengths of the department that will contribute to the financial success of WRHS.
  14. Other duties as assigned       


  1. Previous experience working with the public
  2. Job-related skills include, but are not limited to, interpersonal and customer service skills, interest in sales work, ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  3. Ability to walk/stand for long periods of time
  4. Essential personality traits include enthusiasm, dependability, flexibility, and integrity.
  5. Candidate will embody WRHS core values – integrity, stewardship, connectivity, and innovation.

All interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to Jennifer Dukes at jdukes@wrhs.org.


Event Facilitator, Cleveland History Center

RESPONSIBILITY: Responsible to the Cleveland History Center Sales Manager for ensuring a safe and positive guest experience, a successful event and to implement and ensure adherence to all established operational policies and procedures.

CLASSIFICATION: This position is classified as part-time, operational and is non-exempt in regards to overtime with regard to overtime compensation.


COORDINATION: Works with the Sales Manager to provide excellent customer service, and to facilitate and execute private events at the Cleveland History Center in University Circle. Work closely with security, facilities, programming, and sales/admission staff to coordinate the event experience. Work closely with vendor operations to ensure museum and guest safety and quality service.


1. Oversee the event execution to ensure it meets the needs of the client.

2. Implement and ensure adherence to all established operational policies and procedures.

3. Take charge of any emergency situations occurring in the museum, including the completion of incident reports when necessary.

4. Ensure all incidents, whether guest service or safety, are reported to the CHC leadership team including CHC Director, VP of Facilities, Security Lead, Education & Public Programs Manager and Sales Manager.

5. Ensure and maintain a safe and clean environment for staff and guests. Oversee quality control, sanitation, and maintenance of guest service operation and restroom facilities.

6. Perform extensive physical setup and breakdown for non-catered events, as well as taking out the trash, and set up chairs and tables for said events.

7. Act as liaison for WRHS, rental client, and vendors on day of event.

8. Individual and group visitor control and assistance.

9. Assist the coordination of vendors for private events

10. Maintain open and detailed communication with Sales Manager of event details, outcomes and issues.

11. Protect the collection, premises, employees and visitors against fire, theft, vandalism and other dangers that might result in injury, damage or loss.

12. Control and manage rental inventory.

13. Perform other duties as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS: Pleasant manner, observant, tactful, resourceful, self-starter, tolerant, honest, alert, neat, and in good health. Conscientious in following regulations and instruction. Can legally handle alcohol. Can lift up to 50 lbs. Can withstand working outdoors in high temperatures and stand for long periods of time. Able to work with a team and motivate others. Must be able to commit to late-night hours, and weekend availability.

All interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to Jennifer Dukes at jdukes@wrhs.org.