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AAA Photograph Collections

Twentieth Century Americans of Negro Lineage (1965)
Photograph prints PG32

Photographs of 24 African Americans with biographical sketches published by Friendship Press in 1965. Images include James Baldwin, Edward Brooke, Ralph Bunche, Edward Dudley, John Hope Franklin, Althea Gibson, William Hastie, Lena Horne, Langston Hughes, John H. Johnson, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Jacob Lawrence, Thurgood Marshall, Constance Baker Motley, Gordon Parks, Sidney Poitier, Leontyne Price, A. Philip Randolph, Jackie Robinson, Carl Rowan, Asa Spaulding, Robert C. Weaver, Roy Wilkins, and Whitney M. Young, Jr.

McKinney Family Photographs
Photographs, 1917-1961 PG54

Photographs related to the family and career of Rev. Wade Hampton McKinney, longtime pastor of Antioch Baptist Church of Cleveland. Included are images of Morehouse College groups, McKinney family activities and ministers of local churches.

East End Neighborhood House (f. 1907)
Photographs, 1910-1970 PG60

Photographs of East End Neighborhood House facilities and activities from early 1910s to the late 1970s. Included are Settlement activities such as group meetings, and children’s activities. These images visually depict the changing racial make-up of East End during its long history.

Charles W. White (1897-1970)
Photographs, 1890-1966 PG72

Photographic prints related to the family and career of Judge Charles W. White. Images range from political and social events and activities to family portraits and activities.

Katherine P. Williamson (1910-1964)

Photographs, 1950-1960 PG73

Images of Katherine P. Willliamson during the time she worked at the Friendly Inn Social Settlement. Photographs of various groups, activities, and individuals including Russell Davis, W.O. Walker, Perry B. Jackson, Charles White, Anthony Celebrezze and Ethel Storey.

Phillis Wheatley Association (f. 1911)
Photographs, 1930-1960 PG74

Images of children and adults activities including camping at Camp Mueller, owned by the Phillis Wheatley Association.

Perry B. Jackson (1896-1986)
Photographs, 1900-1970 PG98

One photo album and numerous images related to the political, social, and family life of this longtime Municipal and Common Pleas Court Judge. Included are images of various Masonic and Elk programs as well as judicial ceremonies and events.

Friendly Inn Social Settlement (f. 1874)
Photographs, 1921-1966 PG126

Photographs of various programs and events of the Friendly Inn Social Settlement including father and son banquets, camping activities, and organizational gatherings. The Inn catered to mostly African American and Italians during this period, so that these images depict a rarely seen view of Cleveland's African and Italian relations.

Lethia C. Fleming (1876-1963)

Photographs, 1900-1940 PG142

Photographs of Lethia Fleming, husband Cleveland City Councilman Thomas Fleming and various African American organizations especially women groups. Also included is an image of the Fleming’s with Josephine Baker in a Paris club after a Baker performance.

East End Neighborhood House (f. 1907)
Scrapbook photo album, 1938-1945 PG153

Numerous photographs of East End Neighborhood House activities including group portraits of staff and images of the East End facility. The collection depicts African American youth involvement, which indicates the changing racial makeup of the neighborhood house.

Henry Lee Moon (1901-1985)
Photographs, 1885-1962 PG187

Photographs of the Cleveland born public relations director of the Nation Association for the Advancement of Colored People (1948 - 1960). Included are images of NAACP events, Henry in Germany with radio free Europe, Roddy Moon - Henry's father and founder of the Cleveland Branch, Henry’s wife Mollie Moon, daughter Mollie Lee, sister Ella, brother John Hubbard, and mother, Leah. Noted personalities include cousins Chester Himes and the Wiggins family, Walter White, William Hastie, Arthur Spingarn, and others.

St. John's A.M.E. Church (f. 1830)
Photographs, 1950-1960 PG223

Photographs of St. John A.M.E. Church, the oldest of Cleveland's African American churches, during the era of Pastor Howell. Included are group portraits of choirs, usher boards, stewards and stewardess, A.M.E. clergy and children. Noted individuals include Judge Perry B. Jackson, Rev. Donald Jacobs, Rev. Thomas McClary, and photographer Josephus Hicks.

Allen E. Cole (1883-1970)
Photographs, 1890-196 PG268

The photographic collection of noted Cleveland photographer Allen E. Cole consist of over 30,000 negatives in various formats, approximately 4,000 prints, four 16 mm film and two oil paintings. Cole practiced photography from 1919 until the mid 1960s. Primarily a portrait photographer, his images appeared in various newspapers including the Call & Post and the Voice of the League.

To learn more about the Cole Collection click here.

Garrett A. Morgan (1877-1963)

Photographs, 1915-1978 PG246

Photographs of the inventor of the traffic signal and gas mask. Most of the images are portraits of Morgan, friends and family and images related to the two inventions, the Garrett Morgan Hair Refining Company, the 1916 crib disaster on Lake Erie and Morgan’s home which served as his factory and laboratory.

Henry P. Moore
Photographs, 1862-1864 PG324

Over 300 photographs and 134 glass negatives of forts, hospitals, camp scenes, naval ships, military buildings, and coastal South Carolina plantations, namely John Seabrook, Hopkinson, Drayton, and Elliott. Moore photographed plantations on Edisto, Seabrook, Port Royal, Hilton Head and other coastal islands in 1862-1863. The images of freedmen are powerful as they work in the fields, drying confiscated cotton, and tend to the grounds that were occupied by Union forces.

Stella White (1907-1991)
Photographs, 1940s-1970s PG363

One hundred forty-five positive prints depicting the professional and personal life of Stella White a journalist and wife of Cleveland Judge Charles W. White. Images are of White's association with the Cleveland Transit System, friends and portraits of the Whites.

George and Lolette Hanserd (1910-1984) (1921-1996)
Photographs, 1910s-1980s PG369

George Hanserd was a Cleveland Podiatrist who attended East Technical High School with Jesse Owens. Lolette was a social worker with the Federation of Community Planning. Images include professional gatherings, portraits of George at various stages of life, and athletic pictures of Hanserd and Owens competing in track.

Hough Area Development Corporation (f.1967)
Photographs, 1850s-1980 PG374

This community development organization closed its operations in 1988. Its objective was to develop the Hough community, which sustained infrastructure and housing damage due to neglect and deterioration. In 1966 the community suffered from an uprising where the Ohio national guard were brought in to restore order. The collection consist of 700 photographs in various formats, and 1,250 slide

transparencies. Images depict early 20th century housing and infrastructure, 1960s era businesses, housing projects, groundbreakings, staff and volunteers. Portraits include DeForest Brown, Fannie Lewis, Mason Hargrave, Geraldine Williams, Don Freeman, Sarah Harper.

Carl B. Stokes (1927-1996)

Photographs, 1968-1971 PG429

This collection includes approximately 600 prints and 240 slide transparencies covering Stokes' tenure as mayor of Cleveland from 1968 to 1971. Primarily official city government photographs including portraits, campaign images, political functions and official duties and programs of the Stokes administration.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)
Photographs, 1956-1968 PG433

Photographs of King's visits to Cleveland from 1956 to just one month prior to his death in 1968. The photographs were for the WRHS MLK Day Celebration in 1989 and compiled from the WRHS archives, Cleveland Press Collection at Cleveland State University, United Auto Workers Local 45, and former Press photographer William S. Nehez.

Eugene Bailey (1913-1942)
Photographs, 1910s-1970s PG437

Two photo albums and loose monochrome photographs (354 total) depicting Eugene Bailey and family and friends. Bailey was a star athlete at Virginia State College in 1934, lettering in football, basketball and track for four years. A large number of the photographs are of Virginia State University activities and sporting events with classmates and friends. Other images are of Cleveland in the 1930s, particularly Cedar Avenue and the Central community.

Karamu House, Inc. (f.1915)

Photographs, 1915-1972 PG443

The photographic collection of the oldest existing African American cultural institution in Cleveland. Consisting of 1,115 standard and 242 oversize prints depicting various programs, activities, meetings, projects, shows, theatrical plays, dance performances, classes, clubs and board activities. Also included are portraits of noted associates of Karamu House including Garrett A. Morgan, Charles Gilpin, Carl B. Stokes, Dr. Ralph Bunche, James Weldon Johnson, Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle, Al Fann, Ron O'Neal, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Harry E. Davis, and others.

Perry B. Jackson (1896-1986)
Photographs, Series II, 1900-1986 PG467

Noted Cleveland Municipal and Cuyahoga County Commons Pleas Court Judge from 1942 to 1973. The collection consists of 198 prints and 3 photo albums, covering the career and life of Ohio’s first African American judge. Included are portraits of Jackson, family, social organizations including fraternal, and political images.

Eliza Bryant Center Ladies Auxiliary II (f.1939)
Photographs, 1950-1989 PG473

Formerly known as the Junior Board, the ladies Auxiliary II was a group of African American woman organized by Bessie Blue to provide residents of the Eliza Bryant Center, an African American founded home for the elderly, with a cheerful and homelike atmosphere. The collection consists of 225 prints in varying sizes. Included are portraits of Auxiliary II members, residents, program participants, views of the Center, fund-raisers, and other activities.

The Supreme Camp of the American Woodmen (f.1901)
Photographs, 1930-1966 PG479

The Supreme Camp of the American Woodmen was a fraternal organization that provided insurance to African Americans. This collection consist of images of the Cleveland Tent, with of over 100 prints depicting fund-raisers, parades, conferences, business meetings, and the annual coronation of the King and Queen of the Cleveland Tent, as well as an oversized panoramic of the 1930 meeting in St. Louis, Missouri.

George Gould (1905-1990)
Photographs, 1930-1971 PG480

George Gould was an actor who began in the early 1930s with the Royal American Show, an African American theatrical group based in Tampa, Florida. In the late 1950s he made Cleveland his home and performed on stage at the Cleveland Playhouse and at the Karamu Theater. The collection consist of publicity photos, portraits, and production images from the Royal American Show, Cleveland Playhouse and Karamu Theater.

St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church Oral History Project
Photographs, 1930-1987 PG481

The St. James AME Church Oral History Project, 1986-87, was conducted by the Sadie J. Anderson Missionary Society and transcribed in a series of oral history interviews with former and current members of the congregation and residents of the Fairfax community of Cleveland’s east side. The collection consists of 30 prints of varying sizes including portraits of Society members, members of the Las Amigas Club (1930), and other miscellaneous images. Events depicted include trips by the Missionary Society, conferences, and a reunion of the Las Amigas Club.

Alexander Hamilton Martin Family
Photographs, 1862-1980 PG483

The Alexander Hamilton Martin family was one of the more distinguished African American families in Cleveland’s history. The family consisted of Alexander H. Martin, Sr., Mary Brown Martin his wife, sons Alexander H. Jr., Stuart and daughters Sarah (Pereira) and Lydia. Alexander Sr. (1873-1962) moved to Cleveland in 1890 from Ironton, Ohio to attend Western Reserve University where he received a law degree in 1897. Mary Brown (1877-1939) was a graduate of Cleveland Normal School and was a teacher in Alabama and Arkansas from 1903 to 1905 when she returned to Cleveland and married Martin. In 1929 she was elected to the Cleveland Public School Board. Alexander, Jr. was an attorney for the State of Ohio and ran for mayor of Cleveland in 1955. Stuart was a social worker in the Caribbean. Lydia was for 17 years librarian at Western Reserve University and Sarah was professor of Romance languages and an administrator at various colleges and universities including University of D. C. The collection consists of portraits, associates, and views of events and programs.

Russell and Rowena Jelliffe (1891-1980) (1892-1992)
Photographs, 1920s-1990 PG484

Photographs of Russell and Rowena Jelliffe that primarily portray the activities of Karamu House and the Jelliffe's race relation activism. The collection includes portraits of the Jelliffe's, staff, actors and actresses, artists, and children. The images depict a pictorial history of the institution and the people involved in its success. The collection is a strong source for images of the African American theater and art of the mid-twentieth century.

Northcoast Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen (f.1992)
Photographs, 1940s -1992 PG485

The Tuskegee Army Air Corp (f.1941), popularly known as the Tuskegee Airmen had a number of members from Cleveland and other who made Cleveland their home after the war. The Northcoast Chapter is the Cleveland area branch of the national organization whose sole purpose is to contribute to the education and enlightenment of youth. This collection consist of 45 prints of various sizes. The images depict training at Tuskegee during the 1940s an include portraits of George Washington Carver and Henry Ford, Frederick Douglass Patterson, and local Airmen, Robert Decatur and Joseph Burrucker. Also included are images of Kate Lawrence mother of Cleveland Airman, Irwin Lawrence who was shot down over Italy during World War II.

Fannie Lewis (1926-)
Photographs, 1952-1975

Fannie Lewis, elected in 1980, is Cleveland City Councilwoman for Ward 7, which includes the Hough community. Included are 21 images of family, staff, politicians, and community leaders.

Rev. John T. Weeden, Sr. Family (1901-1988)
Photographs, 1920s-1990s PG498

Longtime pastor of Cleveland’s St. Timothy Missionary Baptist Church. Includes portraits of Rev. Weeden, wife Gladys, groups, images of church programs, and views of Cleveland, Jerusalem, Israel, Indianapolis, Tokyo, Paris, Rome, Beirut, and other places that the Weeden’s visited.

Charles W. Fleming (1928-1994)
Photographs, 1959-1994 PG504

For a complete biographical sketch, see MS 4804. This collection consists of 96 black and white images and 780 color images in various sizes and formats relating to Judge Fleming’s personal, professional, and social life. Images depict Fleming’s social and family life, campaign and judicial installation, and fraternal organizations including the Prince Hall Masons.

WELCOME (F.1978)
Photographs, (1978-1982) PG 507

For an historic sketch, see MS 4796. The collections consist of 150 photographs, 240 slides and 370 negatives depicting bridge-walks, conferences, meetings, workshops, rallies, recreation, and other activities of this school desegregation and race-relations organization.

Henry Lee Moon Family, Series II (1868-1985)
Photographs, ca.1860-1980 PG 509

For an historical and biographical sketch, see MS 3628, MS 4823 and PG 187. The collection consists of 249 photographs in various formats. Images depicted are portraits and views of family members, friends, relatives, and associates.