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The Meetinghouse at Hale Farm & Village

The 1850 Greek Revival Meetinghouse, known to many as the “little white chapel,” is the perfect venue for a wedding ceremony with up to 190 guests. Historic in nature, the Meetinghouse has modern conveniences of electricity, heating, restrooms, and space for the bridal party to prepare for the ceremony.

Wedding rehearsals are to be scheduled with the sales manager. Rehearsals are limited to two hours.  Cost for the rehearsal is included in your rental fee.

A wheelchair ramp is available to provide easier access to the Meetinghouse.  Handicapped accessible restrooms are available.  Arrangements for transporting persons with mobility issues via car to the site will be made on a case-by-case basis.      

The renter may provide their own music for ceremony purposes. A harpist, string quartet, portable keyboard, etc. is permissible. There are no instruments available in the chapel.  Delivery of equipment and/or instruments must be arranged in advance. 

The Meetinghouse can accommodate a maximum of 190 guests. All guests must be seated in the church pews on the main floor. Only musicians, DJs, choirs, or photographers are permitted to use the choir loft.