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This Civil War-era dress is one of 20 WRHS items featured in the Kent State University Museum exhibition On the Home Front: Civil War Fashions and Domestic Life until August 2012.
Among professional historians and cultural organizations, WRHS is highly regarded for its important, diverse and large collections.  Items from our vast and varied collections are regularly requested for loan to other museums, universities, organizations and businesses – to compliment a specific exhibit, bring meaning to a lobby display, or be featured in a major installation. We are proud to share our collections, enabling many more people the opportunity to enjoy them. The process of loaning our collection items is detailed and highly restricted in order to properly protect our archives and artifacts.
Current WRHS artifacts may be seen elsewhere in Northeast Ohio, Washington, D.C., and as far away as Pugwash, Nova Scotia and Bratislava, Slovakia. Following is a short list of the more than 250 WRHS items currently on loan across the world.
The U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, Washington, D.C:  President James A. Garfield’s ivory page turner and cane for exhibit E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One; until 2012.
U.S. Embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia: Three portraits of Wade family members; until summer 2013.
Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage, Cleveland, Ohio:  72 artifacts and approximately 83 Library/Archives materials for exhibition; on-going (with rotations) since 2005.
Traveling exhibit: America I Am: The African American Imprint: Garrett Morgan traffic signal; until December 2012.
Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio:  1911 Model G9 White Motor Company truck (with Plain Dealer logo); on-going since 2001.
Union Club, Cleveland, Ohio:  24 paintings for exhibition; on-going (with rotations) until October 2012.
Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio:  Louis C. Tiffany rendering for exhibition; until 2012.
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, Auburn, IN:  Four stainless automobiles from the Crawford Collection; until August 2012.

An interpretive display Thinker’s Lodge of the Pugwash Park Commission in Nova Scotia features the WRHS-owned Lenin Peace Prize Medal and certificate awarded to Cleveland capitalist Cyrus Eaton in 1960.

First Ladies Library, Canton, Ohio:  Handkerchiefs and gloves belonging to Lucretia Garfield, widow of assassinated President James A. Garfield, for exhibit Rising to the Occasion; until May 2012.
Federal Reserve Bank, Cleveland, Ohio:  Five mechanical banks with children’s themes for exhibit Money Museum; until December 2012.

James A. Garfield National Historic Site, Lawnfield, Mentor, Ohio:  Contents of the home, library and personal effects of the family of President James A. Garfield.
FairFax Place, Cleveland, Ohio:  22 Allen E. Cole reproduction images for display in the resident’s center; until November 2012.
Lucas County Public Library, Toldeo, Ohio: “Fort Industry” painting by William Machen for exhibition; until November 2011.
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