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About the Collection:
The Crawford Auto Aviation Collection showcases historically and technologically significant automobiles, aircraft, bicycles, horse-drawn vehicles, motorcycles, spacecraft, related accessories, and archival materials that illustrate the development of transportation and its connection to the culture and history of Northeast Ohio, the United States, and the world. The Collection presents the history of land and air transportation by using these artifacts in interesting and engaging exhibits, displays, and activities.

The Crawford Collection of historic vehicles was donated to the Western Reserve Historical Society in 1963. Prior to that, the collection was privately owned by TRW, Inc. and was housed in the Thompson Products Auto Album. Since the donation, the Crawford Auto Aviation Collection has grown to include approximately 150 vehicles and aircraft. The dynamic collection is enhanced with outstanding archival documents related to auto and aviation history.

Preserving our collection:
Preservation does not mean restoration at the Crawford. We do not restore the vehicles, their components, or any other artifacts unless it is absolutely necessary. We preserve the vehicles and artifacts in their current condition by using accepted practices of the AIC (American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works). Once we have done a treatment to a vehicle or any other artifact it should look similar to what it did before the treatment, depending upon initial condition.