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Newspaper Collections

The Advocate; the Cleveland Advocate, Cleveland, OH (1914-1920)
Publisher: Ormonde Forte Editor: Ormonde Forte, Ralph W. Tyler
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Ohio’s Leading Race Paper; ‘Tis More Than a Mere Race Paper, ‘Tis a Voice That Asks For Justice.

Ormonde Forte, a Barbados immigrant, founded the Cleveland Advocate Publishing Company in 1914. He subsequently published a number of other papers into the 1950s. Volume II, number 1, May 15, 1915 through volume VII, number 32, December 18, 1920.

Africa’s Luminary, (1839-1849)
Publisher: Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church Editor: John Seys
Frequency: Semi-monthly
Motto: Devoted to Missionary and General Intelligence, and Moral, Scientific, and Miscellaneous Subjects

Missionary newspaper from. Volume I, number 13, September 20, 1839 through number 14, October 4, 1839. Infrequent volumes after that including volume II, number 23, February 19, 1841 and volume III, number 19, December 17, 1841, and new series volumes I, number 20, November 6, 1844 and volume VI, number 5, May 9, 1849.

Africo-American Presbyterian, Wilmington, NC (1888)
Publisher: D. J. Sanders
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Devoted to the Educational, Material, Moral, and Religious Interest of our People in the South.

Successor to the Southern Evangelist, volume 10, number 23, June 7, 1888, published at Charlotte, NC.

Afro-American Churchman, Petersburg, VA (1886)
Publisher: George F. Bragg Editor: George F. Bragg
Frequency: Weekly, 1886
Volume 1, number 14, published in Petersburg, VA.

Aliened American, Cleveland, OH (1853)
Publisher: William Howard Day Editor: William Howard Day
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: To Furnish News: To Favor Literature, Science, & Art: To Aid the Development, Educational, Mechanical, and Social, of Colored Americans: To Defend the Rights of Humanity.

Anti-Slavery paper founded by William Howard Day, with corresponding editorials by Samuel R. Ward and Rev. J.C. Pennington. Volume I, number 1, April 9, 1853.

The Anti-Slavery Bugle, New Lisbon; Salem, OH (1845-1861)
Publisher: Ohio Anti-Slavery Society; Western Anti-Slavery Society; James Barnaby, etc.
Editor: Oliver Johnson, Marius Robinson, Benjamin S. Jones, etc.
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: No Union With Slaveholders

Propaganda arm of the Anti-Slavery Society. Volume I, number 1, June 20,1845 through volume VXI, number 38, May 4, 1861.

The Arkansas Freeman, Little Rock, ARK (1869)
Publisher: Tabbs Gross Editor: Tabbs Gross
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Devoted to the Interest of the Colored People of Arkansas.

Volume 1, number 7, October 5, 1869.

The Aurora, New Lisbon (Lisbon), OH (1832-1855)
Publisher: John Frost
Frequency: Weekly
A temperance and anti-masonry sheet. Some references to abolitionism with entries concerning Liberian colonization and Africa.

Cincinnati Democratic Standard and Whig of ‘76, Cincinnati, OH (1846)
Publisher: Liberty Party
Frequency: Weekly
Addressed the Liberty Party platform of governmental change and the abolition of slavery.

Cincinnati Weekly Herald and Philanthropist, Cincinnati, OH (1843-1846)
Publisher: Gamaliel Bailey, Jr. Editor: Gamaliel Bailey, Jr.
Frequency: Weekly
General interest paper with some notes on slavery and anti-slavery issues.

Cleveland American, Ohio City, OH (1845)
Publisher: E. Cowles; M.W. Miller Editor: L.L. Rice
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: There is But One Proper and Effectual Mode by Which the Overthrow of Slavery Can be Accomplished, and That isnby Legislative Authority; and This So Far As My Suffrage Can Go, Shall Not be Wanting

Volume I, number 50, August 28, 1845 through volume III, number 30, May 26, 1847. Continued the Ohio American, absorbed the Liberty Herald of Warren, Ohio and was absorbed by the Cleveland True Democrat.

Cleveland Call, Cleveland, OH (1925)
Publisher: The Pioneer Publishing Company Editor: H.E. Murrell
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: A Race paper Published in its Own Shop by its Own People; The Voice of the People, the Messenger of Truth

Volume VI, number 38, August 29, 1925. Established by inventor/entrepreneur, Garrett A. Morgan in 1919. Merged with the Cleveland Post to form the Call & Post.

Cleveland Call & Post, Cleveland, OH (1934-19-)
Publisher: Call & Post Publishing Co.; P-W Publishing Co. Editor: William O. Walker
Frequency: Weekly

Volume XXXIII, number 35, September 14, 1946 through volume , June , 1966. Microfilm copy starts at volume XXII, number 34, January 6, 1934.

Cleveland Journal, Cleveland, OH (1903-1910)
Publisher: Journal Publishing Company Editor: Nahum Daniel Brasher
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Devoted to the Best Interests of the Afro-American

Volume I, number 2, March 28, 1903 through volume VIII, number 6, April 2, 1910.

Cleveland Journal, Cleveland, OH (1974)
Publisher: River East Publishing Company Editor: Dale Reed, Cheryl L. Reed
Frequency: Weekly; infrequent

Volume 1, number 10, June 15 -July 1, 1974.

Colored American, New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA (1837-1841)
Publisher: Robert Sears Editor: Samuel E. Cornish
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Righteousness Exalteth a Nation

Formerly, The Weekly Advocate, Phillip A. Bell and Robert Sears established the paper that became the Colored American with the March 4, 1837 issue. Other editors were James M’Cune Smith and publishers were Charles B. Ray, Stephen H. Gloucestor.

Colored Patriot, Cincinnati, OH (1883)

Publisher: Patriot Publishing Company Editor: George E. Comley; Frank B. Kinney
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: ...a Paper in Accord with the Political Sentiment of the Colored People...

Volume I, number 1, September 8, 1883.

The Daily True Democrat, Cleveland, OH (1847-1853)

Publisher: E.S. Hamlin Editor’s: E.S. Hamlin and E.L. Stevens
Frequency: Weekly

A weekly anti-slavery Whig party journal founded by E.S. Hamlin in 1846. It was the successor of the Ohio American/Cleveland American paper from Ohio City. The Daily True Democrat formed into the Cleveland Leader (1854-1917).

Der Freisinnige, Cincinnati, OH (1844)
Publisher: C.B.F. Scho und Company Editor: Joseph Schoberlechner
Frequency: Weekly

Volume 3, number 162, July 18, 1844. German language paper.

Emancipator, Boston, MA (1845-1848)

Publisher: Hiram Cummings; Nichols & Co. Editor: Joshua Leavitt; Curtis C. Nichols
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land, Unto All the Inhabitants Thereof

Successor to the Emancipator and Weekly Chronicle beginning with volume X, number 25 on October 15, 1845. Includes volumes X, XI, XII, and XIII. Succeeded by the Emancipator and Free Soil Press with volume XIII, number 22, September 20, 1848.

Emancipator and Free American, Boston, MA; New York, NY (1841-1844)

Publisher: Dexter S. King for the Massachusetts Abolition Society; Percy & Reed; J.W. Alden
Editor: Joshua Leavitt
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land, Unto All the Inhabitants Thereof

Includes volumes III, number 41, December 16, 1841; volume VI, numbers 36-46 (New York) and 47,48,50-52 (Boston). Volume VII number 2-8, 10-52 and Volume VIII, numbers 1-37, 41 and 42. The paper was also published in New York. Paper became the Emancipator and Weekly Chronicle.

Emancipator and Free Soil Press, Boston, MA (1848)

Publisher: Nichols & Company Editor: Curtis C. Nichols
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land, Unto All Inhabitants Thereof

Volume XIII, numbers 22-29, September 20, 1848 through November 29, 1848. Published for two months in 1848 and went under the name Emancipator and Republican.

Emancipator and Republican, Boston, MA (1848-1850)
Publisher: Wilson, Damrell & Company Editor: Henry Wilson, L.E. Smith
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Liberty the Right of All - The Ballot Box its Defense

Volume XIII, whole number 655, November 24, 1848 through volume XV, number 1, 3, 4, 6-18, August 29, 1850.

Emancipator and Weekly Chronicle, Boston, MA (1844-1845)
Publisher: Joshua Leavitt; Hiram Cummings Editor: Leavitt & Alden
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land, Unto All the Inhabitants Thereof’

Volume VIII, number 49, April 10, 1844 through volume X, number 24, October 8, 1845. The paper became the Emancipator with its next issue. Promoted the Liberty party.

The Gazette, Cleveland, OH (1883-1941, 1942-1944)
Publisher: Harry C. Smith Editor: Harry C. Smith
Frequency: Weekly

Long running paper that covered the Cleveland, Ohio and national African American communities. At times called the Cleveland Gazette. Microfilm copy, volume I, number 1, August 25, 1883 through volume LXII, number 43, May 20, 1945. Hardcopies volume I through volume LXI.

Herald of Freedom, Concord, NH (1835-1846)
Publisher(s): New Hampshire Anti-Slavery Society; John R. French
Editor(s): Joseph Horace Kimball; N.P. Rogers
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: I Enter Into No Compromise With Slavery, I am For Justice, in the Name of Humanity, and According to the Law of the Living God.

Originally published by the Hew Hampshire Anti-slavery Society until December 1844, thereafter published by N.P. Rogers. Volume I, number 2, March 21, 1835 through number 535 of the new series, volume I, numbers 2 and 3.

Herald of Freedom, Wilmington, OH (1851-1855)
Publisher: J.W. Chaffin Editor: J.W. Chaffin
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Allegiance to God and Alliance to Universal Humanity

Chaffin established the Herald of Freedom as an Anti-Slavery, Political, Moral and Literary Newspaper. In 1853 Jacob Dunn and James Gibson took over the paper and by March 1854 Jacob Dunn was the lone publisher.

The Independent Press and Reformer, Ravenna, OH (1855-1857)
Publisher: W.B. Orvis Editor: W.B. Orvis with A. Pryne
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: A Journal of Progress - Devoted to the Promotion of Reform in Church and State - Independent in all things - Neutral in Nothing.

Protestant papers that addressed some abolitionist causes.

L’Union, New Orleans, LA (1862-1864)

Publisher: Editor: Frank F. Barclay
Frequency: Tri-weekly

Volume I, number 4, 7, 9, 27, 81, 88, 100 and volume II, number 8, 10, 156, 159. English language version printed as The Union. Predecessor of La Tribune de la Nouvelle Orleans.

Liberia Herald, Monrovia, West Africa (1831-1852)
Publisher: John Russwurm; Hilary Teague Editor: John Russwurm; Hilary Teague
Frequency: Monthly
Motto: Freedom is the Brilliant Gift of Heaven; Publicum Bonum Privato Est Praeferendum

Initially published by John Russwurm, publisher of the first African American paper, Freedom’s Journal (1827). Russwurm immigrated to Liberia in 1829 and published the Herald form1830 to 1835. The paper promoted colonization. Volume I, number 12, February 6, 1831 volume X, number 9, July 9, 1841, volume XII, number 4, February 23, 1843 and the new series Volume II, number 14, February 18, 1852 and number 19, May 6, 1852.

Liberia Register, Monrovia, West Africa (1870)
Publisher : Editor:
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Home Again - From A Foreign Shore

Volume I, December 21, 1870.

Liberty Standard, Hallowell, ME. (1841)
Publisher: Maine Anti-Slavery Society Editor: Austin Willey
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land Unto All the Inhabitants Thereof

Volume VII, numbers 25, 27, and 32, January through March 1848.

La Tribune de la Nouvelle-Orleans, New Orleans, LA (1864-1867)
Publisher: L.C. Roudanez Editor:
Frequency: Triweekly, then Daily
Motto: Journal Politique, Litteraire et Progressiste

Various issues of volumes I, II, III, and VII.

Madison County Abolitionist, Cazenovia, NY (1841)
Publisher: Luther Myrick Editor: James C. Jackson
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Liberty and Slavery are Perfect Antagonisms....One or the Other Must Perish

Volume I, number 10, November 23, 1844.

National Anti-Slavery Standard, New York, NY (1840-1870)
Publisher: American Anti-Slavery Society Editor(s): Nathaniel P. Rogers; Lydia Maria Childs, David Lee Childs,
Frequency: Weekly Sydney Howard Gay,, Oliver Johnson, Aaron M. Powell
Motto: Without Concealment - Without Compromise

Volume I, number 1, June 11, 1840 through volume XXX, number 50, April 16, 1870.

National Standard, New York, NY (1870-1872)
Publisher: Editor: Aaron Powell
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: An Independent , Reform and Literary Journal Justice and Equal Rights for All.

Successor to the National Anti-Slavery Standard, volume I, number 1, July 30, 1870 through volume III, number 12, December 1872.

Negro World, Knoxville, TN (1891)
Publisher: Patterson Brothers & Company Editor: James Patterson
Frequency: Biweekly
Motto: Progressive Always, Retrogressive Never

Volume IV, number 15, February 28 1891.

Ohio American, Ohio City, OH (1844-1845)
Publisher: R.B. Dennis Editor: R.B. Dennis
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: There is But One Proper and Effectual Mode by Which the Overthrow of Slavery Can be Accomplished, and That is by Legislative Authority; and This, So far As My Suffrage Can Go, Shall Not be Wanting.

Volume I, number 1, September 19, 1844 through volume I, number 49, August 21, 1845. Became the Cleveland American with the next issue.

Palladium of Liberty, Columbus, OH (1841)
Publisher: by Committee Editor: David Jenkins
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident, That All Men are Created Free and Equal.

Volume I, number 18. Published by a committee of David Jenkins, L.D. Tailor, Rev. E. Fields, L. Jenkins, A.M. Tailor and David Burner.

South African Spectator, Cape Town, South Africa (1913)
Publisher: Editor: F.Z.S. Peregrino
Frequency: Monthly
Motto: Anti-racial, Cosmopolitan, Unprejudiced, and Politically Independent Black South African paper. Editor, Peregrino, promoted Booker T. Washington and recruited for Tuskegee. Offices in Cape Town. Volume IV, number 28, May 1913.

Southern Evangelist, Charlotte, NC, Charleston, SC (1876)
Publisher(s): J.H. Shedd, W.A. Patton, D.J. Sanders Editor: Rev. John H. Shedd
Frequency: Monthly
Motto: Devoted to the Interests of the Colored People of the South

Volume III, number 8, December 1876.

The Southwestern Review, Cincinnati, OH (1878)
Publisher: George Washington Williams Editor: George Washington Williams
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Equality of Rights, Equality of Duties

Volume 1, number 8, paper of George Washington Williams, Civil War veteran, minister, noted historian, and politician who was the first African American state assemblyman.

Union Herald, Cazenovia, NY (1827)
Publisher: Luther Myrick Editor: Luther Myrick
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Truth as to fact - The Word of God as to Principle

Predecessor of the Madison County Abolitionist. Volume III, number 16, August 24, 1838.

The Voice of the League, Cleveland, OH (1937-1941)
Publisher: Voice Publishing Company Editor: Juanita C. Thomas, Harold George Nixon
Frequency: Irregular
Motto: Progressive, Independent Propaganda arm of the Future Outlook League (f.1935), a don’t buy where you can’t work organization. Volume I, Number 1, November 16, 1937, 5,7-14, 16, 20 through volume II, numbers 1-7, 9, 12-22, 25, 29, 30, 32, June 21, 1941.

Weekly Advocate, New York, NY (1837)
Publisher: Robert Sears Editor: Phillip A. Bell
Frequency: Weekly
Motto: Established for, and Devoted to the Moral, Mental and Political Improvement of the People of Color. Predecessor of the Colored American.

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