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Euclid Beach Park Grand Carousel Will Open to Public at History Center - November 2014

Colorful hand-carved wooden horses. Charming band music. A colorful rotating centerpiece. Each of the pieces of the Euclid Beach Park Grand Carousel will be reunited in the Carousel Pavilion of the WRHS History Center this November.  

Hear the stories…

The Carousel made unforgettable impressions that lasted a lifetime. After its completed installation at the History Center, the Carousel will continue to reach a wide community from its new home in University Circle. Together with The Cleveland Carousel Society and Euclid Beach Park Now, the Western Reserve Historical Society will complete the restoration process for the Carousel and make it available to Cleveland once again…the wait is over.

You can be a part of the unfolding story of the Carousel. There are opportunities available at virtually any level, including sponsorship of a horse, naming opportunities for the building, and more. We still need your support!

For more information on specific gifts, please contact The Carousel Society at (216) 725-1505 or Additionally, you can contact the WRHS Development office by phone at (216) 721-5722 ext. 1502 or by email at Join us in creating an exciting new future for the Euclid Beach Park Grand Carousel.

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Euclid Beach Park and Grand Carousel Time Line:

1895 Euclid Beach Park, a new summer resort, opens eight miles east of Cleveland's Public Square for the first of its 74 seasons.

1901 The Park goes bankrupt.
The Humphrey family offers to rent the property and, before the season ends, purchases 80% of the company stock.
The park operates on the foundation of fair dealing, clean entertainment, and pleasant surroundings.

1910 Philadelphia Toboggan Company (PTC) installs a new, larger, more grand carousel with four rows of horses, three inside rows of "jumpers" and an outside row of nearly life size stationary horses.
The initial purchase price is $7,734.04.

1969 Euclid Beach Park closes.
The carousel is sold to Palace Playland, a small amusement park in the Atlantic Ocean resort town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

1997 Palace Playland is sold.
The carousel is consigned to an auctioneer who decides to hold the auction in Cleveland.
The Trust for Public Land, armed with temporary funding from the Ford Foundation, secures the entire carousel with a bid of $650,000. With a "buyers" premium added to the bid, the final cost for the carousel is $715,000.
Cleveland Tomorrow announces a plan to restore and preserve the carousel as a year-round attraction at North Coast Harbor.

1998 Cleveland Tomorrow announces that Carousel Magic, located in Mansfield, Ohio, would restore the 54 horses and two chariots. Western Reserve Historical Society participates in the restoration.
During restoration it is discovered that four horses are missing (there should be 58).  Cleveland Tomorrow asks Euclid Beach Park Nuts to initiate a fundraising campaign to carve the four replacement horses.

1999 Necessary funding to put the carousel into operation falls short. Cleveland Tomorrow gifts the horses and chariots to Western Reserve Historical Society where most are placed into storage. WRHS retains ownership of the horses and chariots.

2003 Northeast Shores Development Corporation presents a plan to Euclid Beach Park Now to place the carousel back in its original location at Euclid Beach State Park as part of a Lake Shore Master Plan drafted by Kent State University's Urban Design Center.

2007 Western Reserve Historical Society, Northeast Shores Development Corporation and Euclid Beach Park Now meet to discuss the State Park plan.

2009 Cleveland's Euclid Beach Park Carousel Society presents a plan to Euclid Beach Park Now to locate the carousel in University Circle. Euclid Beach Park Now votes to support the plan.

2010 Cleveland’s Euclid Beach Park Carousel Society and Euclid Beach Park Now present the plan to Western Reserve Historical Society proposing that the Carousel be located inside the WRHS History Center in University Circle and that The Carousel Society raise the necessary funds for the restoration and placement, in addition to an endowment to sustain future operations.  WRHS Board approves collaboration with The Carousel Society to rebuild and operate the carousel at its History Center in University Circle.

2011 The Carousel Society hires The Carousel Works to restore and rebuild the Carousel using the original horses and chariots. Restoration work begins.

2012 Construction of the glass pavilion to house the Carousel begins at the corner of East Boulevard and East 108th Street, and connected to the WRHS History Center. Completion is estimated by the end of the year.

2013 Carousel restoration is scheduled for completion followed by installation in the new pavilion. Public ridership is anticipated for the fall.